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  • Brass plate

    Brass plate that can be engraved in monotone. Engrave your pet's name and contact information on lost cards, etc.

  • Resin earrings

    Earrings that are gentle on the skin and allow you to enjoy fashionable ears.You can also use it as a souvenir for sightseeing by pasting your local specialties.

  • Summer glove holder

    It's a mini clip that feels like a bag accessory that you carry with gloves. Don't lose it immediately!

  • Ribbon bag charm

    A ribbon bag charm that can appeal to your favorite with a casual logo print on one point of the bag.

  • Multi frame

    Just transform the printed acrylic plate into a stylish frame! We will make an original picture frame up to the inclusion and name on the frame.

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  • Pill case & mobile ashtray

    A series of pill cases suitable for self-deco and personalization. It can also be used as an accessory such as earrings or as an eyelash case.

  • Bag in hook (mobile hook/key clip)

    It is a convenient and stylish charm that you can quickly take out your mobile phone or key from your handbag.

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  • Glove holder

    You might want to remove your gloves in the store or on the train. At such times, the "glove holder" is very stylish and convenient. It's convenient to grab an eco bag and put it between your gloves.

  • Asobotan Halloween Kit

    Introducing a cute charm kit for the Asobotan series to match seasonal events! It is a fun handicraft kit that parents and children can make together.

  • PU (Synthetic Leather) Plate Charm

    UV print compatible synthetic leather key chain with a cute size

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  • PS multi tray

    A clear tray that allows you to clean up your desk area

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  • Pen holder *T-shirt type gold plating is temporarily discontinued as the product is being manufactured.

    It is a convenient item that can be attached to a notebook or notebook and carry a pen.

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12 ofThere are products.
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