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  • Disaster prevention light JL-811B ◆

    A multifunctional light that is useful in times of disaster and outdoors. Manual charging and solar charging are possible.

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  • Can cap ◆

    It is a cap that covers the canned drink that has been drunk. It is convenient for desk work, outdoor events and drinking parties.

  • Brass plate ◆

    Brass plate that can be engraved in monotone. Engrave your pet's name and contact information on lost cards, etc.

  • LCD thermometer "Mini Check" ◆

    A thermometer that is very convenient to carry. No batteries required, safe material, repeatable use!

  • Toothbrush ◆

    Safe toothbrush made in Japan from product to mount/package

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  • Resin earrings and earrings ◆

    Earrings that are gentle on the skin and allow you to enjoy fashionable ears.You can also use it as a souvenir for sightseeing by pasting your local specialties.

  • Folding cup ◆

    A folding cup that is convenient to carry. You can drink water anywhere, gargle and brush your teeth.

  • Summer glove holder ◆

    It's a mini clip that feels like a bag accessory that you carry with gloves. Don't lose it immediately!

  • Sticky note ◆

    A compact leather-like case that can be carried while preventing sticky notes from breaking or peeling off.

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  • One point logo holder ◆

    One-point logo holder that creates a gorgeous logo or emblem

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  • Vaccination badge ◆

    A vaccinated badge that provides a sense of security to customers who come to the store by promoting thorough infection control when serving customers.

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  • Reel key chain (with acupoints) ◆

    Flat body reel key suitable for printing logos and emblems. An outer pot type that makes it easy to attach a key chain.

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66 ofThere are products.

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