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  • Brass plate

    Brass plate that can be engraved in monotone. Engrave your pet's name and contact information on lost cards, etc.

  • One point logo holder

    One-point logo holder that creates a gorgeous logo or emblem

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  • Reel key chain (with pot)

    Flat body reel key suitable for printing logos and emblems. An outer pot type that makes it easy to attach a key chain.

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  • Ribbon bag charm

    A ribbon bag charm that can appeal to your favorite with a casual logo print on one point of the bag.

  • Saddle

    A key chain that you can easily create by sandwiching your photos and printed materials. Both finished product delivery and parts delivery are available.

  • Smartphone stand & bag hanger

    Stylish and convenient 2WAY key chain

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  • Original miniature bottle

    A miniature-sized bottle-shaped charm that allows you to reproduce your favorite sake, Western sake, and local cider with your favorite logo.

  • Original poly mascot keychain

    Produced a solid poly mascot of the character. A popular product is the Furifuri Mascot, which shakes your body.

  • Original design bell

    We manufacture cute bells of various shapes such as zodiac animals, flowers and hearts from the mold.

  • Plush Doll

    We accept production of original "plush toys"

  • Play botan

    A new-style handicraft kit that allows you to create a walnut button charm with an original design.

  • PVC cord holder

    A cord holder that you can carry around with a click so that the charging cable for earphones and smartphones does not get entangled.

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15 ofThere are products.
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