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It is a product that creates our original experience value by considering what kind of experience you can use with that product.
You can purchase from one, so it is perfect for those who want to try it out.
We will also propose original products in line with the concept, so please contact us.

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  • METAZA MPX-95 ◆

    The latest type METAZA "MPX series" small metal printer made by Roland DG. The pedestal can be removed, making it possible to mark even tall objects.

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  • Daruma who has eyes

    A new mascot "Medaru Daruma" is released. The eyes, the buds, and the happy dolls send a prayer to the examinees to pass the exam.

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  • Mimibotan

    Let's combine your ears and body parts to make your own animal! It is a type of asobotan.

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  • Asobotan Photo Frame

    A handmade photo frame kit that can be made by parents and children to convey the feelings of "Congratulations" and "Thank you".

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  • Asobotan Halloween Kit

    Introducing a cute charm kit for the Asobotan series to match seasonal events! It is a fun handicraft kit that parents and children can make together.

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  • Asobotan Christmas Kit

    Christmas kits that have been well received at workshops and so on have appeared in the Asobotan series! It is a fun handicraft kit that parents and children can make together.

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  • Play botan

    Let's have fun making handmade charms together with parents and children. The first installment of the new sense of handicraft kit "Asobotan" is a kit that you can use to create your name charm.

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7 ofThere are products.

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