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  • Handcuffs keychain

    It is a handcuff type key chain (there is no key). There are two sizes. It can be installed with one touch just like a carabiner.

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  • One-touch key chain 883/885

    It is a standard key chain metal fitting part.It is a one-touch type and easy to attach to a bag or belt.

  • One-touch key chain 777

    It is a standard key chain metal fitting part.It is a one-touch type and easy to attach to a bag or belt.

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  • One-touch key chain 555

    Classic popular key chain metal fittings parts. One-touch type that can be easily installed. Recommended for mascots, charms, acrylic die cuts, etc.

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  • Rotary key chain K27/RB-M4R-811

    This is a rotary type key chain in which three rings can be driven freely.

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  • Docking key chain KH120S

    A docking key chain that allows you to remove the upper and lower parts with one push.

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  • Charm hook

    A cute deformed hook with flowers, stars and hearts.

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  • Charm key chain

    Charm-like key chain parts that can be selected according to the motif and sense.We have a lineup of cute heart-shaped and star-shaped silhouette one-touch rings.

  • Stand parts SRP-1

    Flexible usage with one part! Parts that can be used as a stand for acrylic key chains and tin badges

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  • Key chain 365

    A standard keychain part with a double ring with a diameter of 23 mm and a swaying chain. Recommended for souvenir key chains and mascots.

  • Keychain 333/333-SW/444/444-SW

    Classic key chain parts shaped like a batty (horse hooves).

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  • Keychain 323/324

    A standard key holder part with a screw-type key ring that spreads out in a fan shape. You can open and close by turning the screw part that contains the net pattern.

25 ofThere are products.

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