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  • Kakukan

    Metal fittings that can be used for length adjustment and connection parts such as straps, bags, bracelets, and belts.

  • Claw, U-shape, hand-touch, villacan

    Introducing nails, U-shapes, hand cans, and Vilacans.

  • Claw (tip stopper)

    It is an end part metal fitting that prevents the flat string and band from fraying.

  • Month Kang, D Kang

    Introducing Monthly Month and D Month.

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  • Moon can

    A square metal fitting with a deeper pocket than the D-can, which is suitable for connecting flat strings, bands, and hooks.

  • Oval can

    An oval metal fitting for connecting parts, which is indispensable for key chains.

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  • Rotating can (Sebel)

    Rotating metal fittings that prevent twisting of chains and wires.

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  • Rotating can/pig nose

    Introducing a rotating can.

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  • Mouth opening triangular can

    Literally triangular metal fittings.Ideal for mounting on thick objects.

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  • Round can

    The most commonly used round can of iron / brass material.An annular metal fitting for connecting parts, which is indispensable for key chains.

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  • Triangle can, mountain high D can

    Introducing triangle triangle and Yamataka D perception.

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  • Triangular can

    Triangular metal fittings suitable for connecting flat strings and bands.

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18 ofThere are products.

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