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  • Identification tag rubber (antistatic rubber)

    Rubber for static elimination to protect against electric shock from winter. Combine with a brass plate.

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  • Square Gold

    Introducing a bag of square gold.

  • Kakukan

    Metal fittings that can be used for length adjustment and connection parts such as straps, bags, bracelets, and belts.

  • Back metal fittings, bra metal fittings, pipes

    We introduce back metal fittings, bra metal fittings, and pipes.

  • Detachable buckle (for safety measures), one-touch hook

    Introducing removable buckles (for safety measures) and one-touch hooks.

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  • Can cap

    It is a cap that covers the canned drink that has been drunk. It is convenient for desk work, outdoor events and drinking parties.

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  • Knot rooting

    It is a warm netsuke string woven by hand one by one. There are two types of color variations, one is the image of Sengoku warlords and the other is the image of baseball teams.

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  • Fuling (Kireki)

    Introducing Fukurin.

  • Brass snap hook

    A series of brass snap hooks (Eggplant) with taste. Recommended for key chains for jeans, wallet chains, metal fittings for women's bags, etc.

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  • Brass plate

    A brass plate that can be stamped with the METALZA "MPX series" metal printer (manufactured by Roland DG). Engrave your pet's name and contact information on lost cards, etc.

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  • Brass capsule

    It is a high-quality capsule that makes full use of the texture of the unplated brass material.

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  • Spherical aluminum capsule

    A round and pretty aluminum container that stores pet's lost cards and keepsake.

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252 ofThere are products.

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