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  • Heart stone (synthetic natural stone)

    Five types of synthetic natural stones related to romance fulfillment have been cut into a heart shape. To protect your marriage.

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  • Handbag hanger (handbag holder)

    A stylish instant hanger that allows you to smartly hang your bag or umbrella on the table when you are away from home or in a cafe.

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  • Diecast smartphone stand ring

    Complete by pasting a UV-printed acrylic plate!A smartphone stand ring suitable for design expressions such as logos and emblems.

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  • Top frame (mini multi-frame)

    Transform into a fashionable frame just by sandwiching the printed acrylic plate!A mini-sized multi-frame that can be carried as a key chain in a capsule toy.

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  • Glove holder

    You'll want to take off your gloves in the store or on the train.In such a case, the "glove holder" is fashionable and very convenient. Surprisingly, it is convenient to put an eco bag in a roll.

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  • Keenas (3 keenas, 4 keenas, 6 keenas)

    Introducing Keenas (3 keenas, 4 keenas, 6 keenas).

  • Glass dome

    Parts for the glass dome, which is rapidly increasing in popularity. Create a wonderful small world with the new-type accessory "Glass Dome" that can be viewed in three dimensions.

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  • Ear hook (ear cuff)

    Accessory parts to put on your ears that are better than earrings and earrings. Gorgeous charm.

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  • Earring parts

    Introducing earring parts.

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21 ofThere are products.

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