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  • Mouth opening triangular can

    Literally triangular metal fittings.Ideal for mounting on thick objects.

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  • Clasp

    A mouthpiece that is ideal for making original pouches and gamaguchi goods. A base with a cute round ball like a candy ball.

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  • Double ring flat push

    A ring with double lines.Since the surface is flat, it reflects light and shines brightly.It is also recommended for parts of apparel supplies.

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  • Double ring round push

    A ring with double lines.It is a round push type ring that is pushed into a line.

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  • Double ring triangle push

    A ring with double lines.A square push type ring with a triangular push process on the line.

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  • Double ring with press pattern

    A ring with double lines.It is a pattern stamping type ring that is processed by stamping an uneven pattern on the line.

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  • Round Naskan (30x45)

    A stylish carabiner-style round form Naskan.Nickel-free, so recommended for those who are worried about metal allergies!

  • Round can

    The most commonly used round can of iron / brass material.An annular metal fitting for connecting parts, which is indispensable for key chains.

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  • Triangle can, mountain high D can

    Introducing triangle triangle and Yamataka D perception.

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  • Triangular can

    Triangular metal fittings suitable for connecting flat strings and bands.

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  • One point logo holder

    One-point logo holder that creates a gorgeous logo or emblem

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  • One-touch hook K-18

    Aminus type Naskan that can be attached with one touch.Slim and mini size that is easy to use for key rings.

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267 ofThere are products.

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