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  • Thermal transfer strap

    A neck piece that enables full-color printing at low cost by the thermal transfer method

  • Mobile battery (4000mAh type)

    A mobile battery that is easy to design for printing. Both sides are flat, and the charge level lamp is also located on the bottom. Compact and thin (9.5 mm), the charging capacity is 4000 mAh.

  • Mobile battery (10000mAh type)

    A mobile battery with a double-sided flat shape for printing. With a large capacity of 10000mAh and a high output of 2.1A, you can safely charge your tablet!

  • Felt case

    Light and soft felt case. Gently wrap your important smartphone/tablet. OEM design support.

  • Diecast smartphone stand ring

    Complete by pasting a UV-printed acrylic plate!A smartphone stand ring suitable for design expressions such as logos and emblems.

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  • Smartphone case PU made notebook type slide type

    The popular notebook type smartphone case is now compatible with multiple models. White plain type compatible with UV inkjet printers.

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  • Smartphone stand & bag hanger

    Stylish and convenient 2WAY key chain

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  • Smartphone stand ring (fall prevention ring)

    This is a smartphone drop prevention ring featuring a flat surface and a large adhesive surface suitable for printing. With a nice function that you can stand with a ring. Wide design range with white, black and clear plates.

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  • Smartphone mascot (earphone jack mascot)

    A jack mascot that plugs into the earphone hole of a smartphone. The first is [Japanese tradition series]

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  • Acrylic smartphone stand

    It is a smartphone stand that is useful for desk work produced by full color expression by UV printing and acrylic freestyle cutting.

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  • UV Printer Starter Kit Ver.2

    This is a trial kit that contains 2 products each, which can be printed and completed as goods immediately.

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  • PU smartphone stand

    A luxurious faux leather smartphone stand that feels good to the touch.Supports full-color printing!

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14 ofThere are products.
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