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  • Summer glove holder

    It's a mini clip that feels like a bag accessory that you carry with gloves. Don't lose it immediately!

  • Rewarm warmer (recycle warmer)

    Can be used over and over again! Ecology & Economy Rewarm Cairo

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  • Multi marker (live marker, drink marker, umbrella marker)

    Cute markings for your favorite things! Convenient landmark goods that you can easily see your umbrella and your drink.

  • Portable fan (circulator)

    A multifunctional handy fan for hands-free operation that sends a cool breeze to your neck.

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  • PET bottle holder (made of aluminum)

    A lineup of colorful aluminum holders for PET bottle holders. Recommended for summer novelties.

  • Glove holder

    You'll want to take off your gloves in the store or on the train.In such a case, the "glove holder" is fashionable and very convenient.Surprisingly, it is convenient to roll up an eco bag and pinch it.

  • Cool pad

    A cooling pad that can be used repeatedly by cooling it in a freezer. It can also be used for cooling when a fever causes a cold.

  • Cairo case

    If you wrap your body warmer in a fluffy case like a stuffed animal, it gently warms your cold hands. For winter healing OEM goods.

  • Daruma who has eyes

    A new mascot "Medaru Daruma" is released. The eyes, the buds, and the happy dolls send a prayer to the examinees to pass the exam.

  • Asobotan Halloween Kit

    Introducing a cute charm kit for the Asobotan series to match seasonal events! It is a fun handicraft kit that parents and children can make together.

  • Asobotan Christmas Kit

    Christmas kits that have been well received at workshops and so on have appeared in the Asobotan series! It is a fun handicraft kit that parents and children can make together.

  • PU (synthetic leather) pass case

    It is a must-have item for commuting to work and school, with UV printing on the entire front and back.

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14 ofThere are products.
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