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  • Resin earrings

    Earrings that are gentle on the skin and allow you to enjoy fashionable ears.You can also use it as a souvenir for sightseeing by pasting your local specialties.

  • Mini picture frame (photo collection)

    A fashionable authentic miniature picture frame that completes the interior by printing and assembling your favorite photos and illustrations!

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  • Multi marker (live marker, drink marker, umbrella marker)

    Cute markings for your favorite things! Convenient landmark goods that you can easily see your umbrella and your drink.

  • Magnet badge

    It is also used as a pin badge parts mask charm that can be fixed with a magnet that does not make holes in important suits and uniforms.

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  • Top frame (mini multi-frame)

    Transform into a fashionable frame just by sandwiching the printed acrylic plate!A mini-sized multi-frame that can be carried as a key chain in a capsule toy.

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  • Autograph band

    A wristband that leaves memories of handshake events with artists and idols.

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  • Acrylic mini photo stand (acrylic diorama)

    Miniaturize the image of a simple and luxurious acrylic photo frame!A memorial one-shot image stands out.

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  • Acrylic stand

    An acrylic figure that can be freely shaped and sized.

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  • Acrylic carabiner uniform type

    Why not make an original carabiner that can be used as a bag charm as a one-point accessory? As it is a uniform type, it is ideal as a sports team merchandise.

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  • PU (Synthetic Leather) Plate Charm

    UV print compatible synthetic leather key chain with a cute size

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10 ofThere are products.
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