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    Local revitalization collaboration

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Local revitalization collaboration

Collaborate with local governments that work directly with local governments or act as bridges,
From re-excavation of local charm to regional branding, planning and development of local products, commercialization, sales and promotion
We provide total support by utilizing Daio Seisakusho's manufacturing know-how and experience of making things.

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    Ale can ◆

    "Ale can" was born as a new form of souvenir. This is a new souvenir that was developed with the aim of making a sustainable contribution to the local community by spreading the appeal of tourist spots and increasing the fans.

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    2019 Minamisoma City Supporter Novelty Business

    With the initiative of "Minamisoma City Supporter Business", we have created a novelty once a year for members together with a local company.


    2018 Koi no Kuni Chikugo Attractive Diffusion Tool Making Project

    As a special product that can only be produced in "Koi no Chikugo" in cooperation with the local revitalization cooperation team, we made ramen by naming "special dessert red thread" which is a special stick ramen dyed red.

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    2018 Minamisoma City Supporter Novelty Business

    With the initiative of "Minamisoma City Supporter Project", we created a calendar with the cooperation of a company in the city as a novelty expressing the charm of the area.


    2017 Regional Development Cooperation Team Collaboration Project [Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture]

    We made a proposal for products with experience value that could solve the problems facing the region, and made a proposal with the cooperation team.

5 ofThere are products.

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