Original mobile phone strap to commemorate your visit

Original goods from the store expand the community
Craft and range
  • strap
  • Planning/Design/Production
Processing method
Rubber cast (rubber mold casting)
Purpose of use/application
Commemorative gift of your visit
Delivery date
45 days
Minimum lot
Commitment to expression

Passing through the mysterious entrance, there is a mysterious restaurant designed in the image of a ninja village.The original goods of the store, which has many foreign customers, are still NINJA style.

The character of the shop name "NINJA" and the atmosphere of a unique signboard designed with the motif of Japanese beauty are expressed on the mobile phone strap.In order to express the texture that seems to be old and the dark metallic feeling that makes you imagine the weapon of a ninja, the main part is metal molded and the surface finish is Komi plating.

The chamfered ball chain is used to express the stone, and the charm that imitates the signboard is cast with a rubber mold to faithfully reproduce the openwork pattern.I was particular about expressing the world view of the store. (The gold one is the premium version.)

Commitment to expression
Effect after introduction

Original goods are useful as a reminder that customers and fans of the store can introduce the store to friends and acquaintances.

The charm that expresses the sign of the shop and the finish that shows the old-fashioned world view of ninjas, so I hope you will talk about our shop later as a seed of conversation with your friends. ..

Effect after introduction
User Voice

It has a finish that shows the store's unique world view, and is appreciated by customers and foreigners who do not usually wear a strap.

From the manager

User Voice

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