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Example: A certain advertising agency

Name tag made of soft rubber attached to the nursery school bag

Craft and range
  • Soft rubber name tag
  • Design/Production
Processing method
Soft PVC molding
Purpose of use/application
Name tag on the nursery school bag
Delivery date
45 days
Minimum lot
I would like to ask about the outline of the plan leading to commercialization

It is a name tag attached to the bag for children attending a nursery school.

I wanted something that was a little more original than the usual name holder that I would write my name on on paper.The soft rubber used is safe even if it gets wet, and it feels soft and is suitable for infants' portable items.Since we ordered and molded from the original mold production, we are satisfied that the finish has originality and a brand feeling.

I made the model in the original instead of the off-the-shelf product, but since the mold cost and unit price were cheaper than I expected, I think it was good to make it in the original.

Name tag on the nursery school bag

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