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Tourist Character Soft Rubber Earphone Jack Mascot

Craft and range
  • Soft rubber mascot
  • Design/Production
Processing method
Soft PVC molding
Purpose of use/application
Merchandise goods for tourist characters
Delivery date
45 days
Minimum lot
I would like to ask about the plan outline

This character was born from the open call for participants as a tourist character for the city.

With the motif of "squirt" that is not known, we are working every day to publicize the depth of food and sightseeing in the area. By the way, the sword uses saury and the belt uses scallops and local special products.

Merchandise development is expanding as part of PR, and there are other items such as mascot dolls, mugs, and key chains. This time we have a lineup of earphone jack accessories as smartphone-related goods.

Image of smartphone installation

Products used


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