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Example: Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji

Asobotande Halloween Event Workshop

Let's make Halloween accessories with play
Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji
Craft and range
  • Halloween Handicraft Kit (Asobotan)
  • Planning/Design/Production
Processing method
Button = Injection molding Felt = Laser cut
Purpose of use/application
Halloween event workshop on the kids floor
Delivery date
15 days
Minimum lot
Halloween accessories that parents and children can make fun

Handicraft kit made with parents and childrenPlay botan"" Is a new handicraft kit that decorates felt charms using a unique "walnut button" that can be changed.There are various finished forms depending on the person who makes it, so parents and children can enjoy making their own accessories.Asobotan is a little difficult for children only.Communication through collaborative work between parents and children is also recommended for intellectual education during the childcare period and for creating memories for parents and children.This workshop was held on the kids floor for two days, October 10th and 24th, as an event for the Halloween season.Our store opening theme was a workshop to make Halloween-related accessories such as pumpkins and bats.This is the 25th workshop using Asobotan at the same store, but some customers are looking forward to it, and the interests and reactions of the customers were more than usual.

Play botan
Visitor reaction

All the staff members are very grateful to Tokyu Department Stores for participating in this event, which was a great success. The material we prepared a lot more than usual was consumed with the momentum that it was likely to run out, so after the first day, we rushed to increase production inside the company and came to the second day. The staff was very busy, but after all, every time I saw the smile of my child, my energy and physical strength were reset, and I was able to spend a very fulfilling time.

Visitor reaction

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