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 Official merchandise for women sold at the match venue

Compact mirror with a nice touch that is particular about color and layout
Kyoto Hannarys
Craft and range
  • Hannya PU (synthetic leather) mirror production and design
Processing method
  • Compact mirror...Full-color printing on one side
Purpose of use/application
Official goods for sale at the venue
Delivery date
25 days
Minimum lot
Product commitment

When I introduced a few of our products, I haven't sold mirrors for several years, and I wanted to make a compact mirror that is easy for women to hold with a solid material, so PU as a product I have not seen yet. (Synthetic leather) He was very interested in the mirror and asked us to see a sample first.

In addition to the desired design, I added some points of the original design and submitted it, but it seems that you liked it very much, and the plan will proceed with 2 points of the customer's desired design and our proposal It was.

Looking at the submitted image, I think that the image after completion has spread, I felt a strong commitment of the person in charge of goods who wants to improve the completeness by exchanging fine adjustments of color and layout several times. ..

There was also an evaluation that the mirror cover part was also solid, and I think that the final finish was satisfactory in terms of both design and customer satisfaction.It is said that these goods will be sold as official goods (1 yen each) at the match venue.

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