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 A toothbrush that sticks to the "Enoden" design

A toothbrush that sticks to the "Enoden" design
Enoden Area Service Co., Ltd.
Craft and range
  • Adult toothbrush
  • Toothbrush for kids
  • Design/Production
Processing method
  • Toothbrush...Full color printing
Purpose of use/application
Official goods shop
And sold at events
Delivery date
25 days
Minimum lot
Background of the project

He says he is always looking for products to sell at the "Enoden" official goods shop, and he proposed a toothbrush as a perfect product for expressing the design of slender vehicles. The household item “toothbrush” has never been commercialized until now, and it was adopted because it seems to be novel for customers.

In commercialization, we proposed different designs for adults and kids so that the atmosphere would change. It seems that you liked the mount that expressed the background that the train seems to be running and the idea that the train design was deformed for adults and kids, such as the position of the pantograph and the shape of the wheels by hand drawing We were very impressed with the enthusiasm of the person in charge for making the official goods, such as the detailed instructions.

Since it is a domestic product, we can sell it with confidence in quality, and we are pleased to be able to manufacture such goods with our customers.

We also hope that we will continue to introduce products that can be tried from small lots in making official goods, so we will make product development proposals so that we can meet your expectations.


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