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 Toothbrush for sale at Bus Day Festival

Toothbrush for sale at Bus Day Festival
Teisan Hunan Transportation Co., Ltd.
Craft and range
  • Adult toothbrush
  • Toothbrush for kids
  • Design/Production
Processing method
  • UV full color printing
Purpose of use/application
Bus day festival
And sales at events, etc.
Delivery date
25 days
Minimum lot
Background of the project

Up until now, we have been developing goods for the enthusiast's purchasing class when planning new goods to be sold at bus day festivals and garage tours. In addition, we received a request that we would like to expand the range of goods that can be picked up.

As a product that matches the target group in the future, we proposed several products that could meet our wishes, and adopted a design toothbrush that is available in both adult and child shapes. It was.

Based on the picture of the bus and the "Yagasuri pattern" you specified, we submitted a design proposal including the package, and it was decided to proceed smoothly with the production. We received valuable advice that the size of the brush of the toothbrush for children should be slightly smaller. We will reflect our customers' opinions in future product development and strive to provide the most suitable items.


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