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 Repeat production of reel key chains popular with students

Repeatedly produced reel key chain that is popular with students
Kyushu University Consumer Cooperative
Craft and range
  • Reel keychain
Processing method
  • Inkjet full color printing
Purpose of use/application
Sold as goods at Kyushu University
Delivery date
25 days
Minimum lot
Order history

I have cooperated with Kyushu University Consumer Cooperatives several times in the past to make Kyushu University goods, and I always ask for a greeting when I go to an exhibition in Kyushu that I exhibit every year, Therefore, we talked about wanting to increase the lineup of goods that can be used for students.

He said that he would like to express the university logo and image color as much as possible. Therefore, by putting the university logo on the reel key chain attached to the commuter pass, we suggest that not only current students but also students who want to enter can be motivated for the examination. After a while, it was adopted.

Currently, it is sold as a goods of Kyushu University at a co-op in the university campus, but it seems to be very popular among students, and it seems that it has steadily become a popular product in the school because of repeat orders. ..

Reel keychain

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