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 Children's day workshop

Children's Day Workshop [Chiba Subaru Motors Co., Ltd.] 7a
Chiba Subaru Motor Co., Ltd.Mr
Craft and range
  • Play botan
Processing method
  • Laser cut
  • Full color printing
Purpose of use/application
Children's day event
Background of the project

Completely original, making a children's day kit.
With 3 buttons, 4 eye-catchers on the center, another 1 on the kids day, and Subaru's logo. The base is also available in 5 colors. On that day, we dispatched a lecturer and held a workshop.

There were some children who looked forward to the postcard and were looking forward to the day. You can see the children being made, and in many cases, the mother was made with them.

It was a workshop where parents as well as children can work together.

Workshop time: 20-30 minutes/person

Children's Day Workshop [Chiba Subaru Motors Co., Ltd.] 7c

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