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 Casual PR item "Magnet Mask Charm"

Cybozu, Inc._Magnet Badge Main
Cybozu, Inc.Mr
Craft and range
  • Magnet mask charm
Processing method
  • Acrylic +
    Full color UV inkjet printing
  • Assembling
Purpose of use/application
Handouts / souvenirs
Delivery date
20 days
Minimum lot
Background of the project

Cybozu, Inc. is working on new attempts such as making original masks as part of measures against the new coronavirus.As the scenery of wearing masks and performing daily work is becoming more commonplace, we asked if we could make a mask charm for employees with a magnet type.

In response to a request to create a casual mask charm that is easy to put on in-house to match the original mask that was produced, we produced it with a one-point design that makes the corporate logo stand out.I was very worried that it wouldn't hurt for all employees to wear it all day long, but we decided to proceed after verifying with a sample in advance.

After seeing the completed mask charm, I have more opportunities to hold video conferences within the company and online business negotiations with other companies, so some employees say that they want to use it for a casual appeal.We are very pleased to hear that each base has asked us to send it to us.

It seems that the fashionable mask charm born from the new efforts of Cybozu, Inc. was able to make employees smile while the corona wreck continued, and we are grateful to our company for sharing that happiness. ..We will continue to strive to give shape to various thoughts, and we look forward to your continued support.

Cybozu, Inc._Magnet Mask Charm

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