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 "Multi-frame" that nicely decorates players and autographs

Kyoto Hannaryz_Multi Frame Main
Kyoto HannarysMr
Craft and range
  • Multi frame
Processing method
  • Multi-frame UV Inkjet 4C printing
  • Secret sale bags
Purpose of use/application
Goods for sale
Delivery date
20 days
Minimum lot
Quality standards
Background of the project

We are interested in the fact that the "mini frame" that we have been proposing for a long time can be made into a merchandise using the player's photo, and we also introduced the new product "multi-frame" that was commercialized after that. However, I liked the fact that it is better at producing a sense of transparency than the mini frame, so it was adopted.
The range of design has been expanded, and it has become a product that can be expressed without compromising the attractiveness of the players.
In addition to the design using photos, a simple design with only the emblem and background and the autograph of the player is mixed, and the secret sale makes it possible to feel the joy of hitting. It is also done.
The product itself, such as the performance of the built-in neodymium magnet, is well made, and it is said that it has been well received by customers because it is a highly complete product as a whole.
We will continue to make efforts to propose products that can be designed for players in small lots and that fans can enjoy buying with secret sales, so we look forward to your continued patronage. Please.

Kyoto Hannaryz_Multi Frame 01

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