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Interview: Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd.

Novelty goods for online shop buyers

Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd. Mr
Craft and range
  • Uniform type acrylic carabiner
  • Planning proposal/production
Processing method
  • Full color printing/assembly
Purpose of use/application
Gifts for online shop buyers
Delivery date
45 days
Minimum lot
What was the reason for product planning?

The reason for the goods planning was that you introduced that Daio Seisakusho has uniform type products, so we wanted to introduce new goods, so we will talk to you. It was.

Above all, the uniform typeAcrylic carabinerIf so, I thought that it was the most suitable purchase privilege for fan club members and shop members in commemoration of the renewal opening of the online shop that was planned recently.

When we campaigned for the first 1,500 people only, there were many customers who purchased goods for this novelty, and it is contributing greatly to customer satisfaction.

Front and back
Are you happy with the request from us, are you particular about the product, etc.?

When you showed me the acrylic carabina in the product catalog, you said that you had transparent uniform type acrylic in stock in plain color, but the body color is also linked to the uniform color and it is more as a goods than transparent acrylic. I wanted to increase the value, so I asked them to choose acrylic, which is the color that matches the color of the uniform.

I wanted to make the uniform number on the back of the uniform and the player's name stand out, so I was particular about design and specifications such as printing on both front and back sides, but at the desired cost and quick delivery, high quality of domestic production. That was achieved.

This time it was a novelty transaction, but Daio Seisakusho says that it can also manufacture goods that can be lined up for merchandise, so products that you have never seen before or you can bring originality to small lots I would like to introduce you.

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