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Interview: Osaka Monorail Service Co., Ltd.

Meet the demand of fans with goods from "Toyokawa Madoka"

Osaka Monorail Service Co., Ltd. Mr
Craft and range
  • Umbrella marker, acrylic stand 
Processing method
Full color printing
Purpose of use/application
Installed on the station premises for sale
Delivery date
Minimum lot
Could you tell us how you started product planning?

We own the copyright of the railway daughter "Toyokawa Madoka", and we are responding to the demand of our fans by selling Gacha BOX and related goods for goods vending machines inside the station.

After consulting with us to expand our lineup, we have proposed an acrylic product that can be manufactured from a low budget, with a size of 65 mm capsules, a wide variety of products, and a small lot.
We decided to use these products, and in consideration of the popularity of "Toyokawa Madoka", by selling 1 kinds of goods instead of 2 or XNUMX kinds, we made it possible for fans to thoroughly enjoy completeness. There are two types, a stand and an umbrella marker, which are not only fun to decorate but also practical.

Carabiner can be connected with a double ring
I would like to ask you about the particular points of the product

Since each design wanted to bring out the character of Osaka Monorail rather than drawing only "Toyokawa Madoka", "Toyokawa Madoka" is actually introducing our vehicle by putting the vehicle and station platform in the background. I asked you to create such an image.

After seeing what you designed first, the vague image inside the company became clearer, and many opinions came out. As a result, we were asked to make a major design change, but since we were able to respond to speed, we were able to proceed without changing the sense of temperature inside the company.

When I talked that I wanted to use good photos for vehicles to make merchandise, I got advice on photography. I am proud of the fact that I was able to make a product that I was satisfied with, since I was very much obsessed with the photos I used, with the help of me.

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Do you have any comments about the fact that you are happy to request us?

I was very grateful to have been able to make a POP to install for the Gacha BOX itself.
The explanation of how to use the umbrella marker was enlarged in the illustration, so it would have been easy for the customers who purchased it to understand. Perhaps because of this, sales were stronger than conventional merchandise, and we had to re-order within two months and then re-order two months later. The amount of joy that is produced with the utmost care.

In addition to being able to manufacture from a small lot and a low budget, we were able to provide samples and respond to design correction requests quickly during the manufacturing period, and our services were substantial. We would like to introduce various small-sized products in order to regularly update the goods that can be sold in gacha capsules so that we can continue to meet the increasing demand for "Toyokawa Madoka" fans.


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