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Interview: Technopro Smile Co., Ltd.

"Ballpoint pen with touch pen function" and "mini sticky note book" to be given with a letter of appreciation to business partners

Technopro Smile Co., Ltd.Mr
Craft and range
  • Ballpoint pen with touch pen function
  • Mini sticky note book
Processing method
  • Design production
  • Single color silk printing
  • Full color UV inkjet printing
Purpose of use/application
Distributed as novelty
Delivery date
20 days
Minimum lot
Quality standards
Could you tell us the reason for the commercialization and the background of your request?

As a special subsidiary of TechnoPro Holdings, Inc., the holding company of the TechnoPro Group, to which more than 2 engineers and researchers belong, we promote the employment of people with disabilities, and provide data entry services and various office facility services. We provide a place for employees with disabilities to actively participate in society by requesting operations such as mailing services and printing from many customers.
The reason for this request is to support our corporate philosophy and to express our gratitude to the customers who support the social participation of our employees, and to express our gratitude to our business partners. We made a plan to send it and hand over the novelty at the same time.

Since exchanging business cards with your company at the time of exhibiting at the exhibition, we have had the opportunity to use our in-house processing service, and we already know that your company is planning and producing novelties and promotional items. I did.Therefore, we decided to consult with you if you could propose a product that seems to suit this project.

I would like to ask you about the particular points of the product

Although there were budget and quantity restrictions, there is no point in using something that you wouldn't use even if you gave it to us, so it's an item that anyone can easily use, and our name is casually used around the desk. We have selected a ballpoint pen with a touch pen function that can also be used for smartphones / tablets of stationery goods and a sticky note, which is a popular standard product of your company, as something that can appeal.

Regarding the design, not only was the logo mark placed appropriately and impressively, but it was also a great opportunity to publicize the company, so I wanted to casually express originality somewhere.
We ask your company to understand that intention, and the person in charge of design will understand the contents of our activities from the homepage etc., utilize the corporate color, and propose multiple proposals by incorporating it into a design that matches the corporate vision. I did.

How was the response from customers?

Since it is a practical product and a novelty that firmly expresses our originality, the reputation of both parties is so good that it is talked about not only by our business partners but also within the company, and the initial purpose is to appeal the company name first. I feel that it was effective in that respect.
In addition, we are considering additional orders due to its popularity, and we are motivated to try new developments in design patterns and completely different products. Thank you for your continued support.


From Technopro Smile Co., Ltd.
Letter of thanksI received

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