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At Daio Seisakusho, we handle more than 1000 cases per year from planning/designing to production of customer's original products (OEM).
We are under contract.

At the planning and designing stage, we will sort out the customer's image, consider the materials and manufacturing methods, and make design proposals.
For prototype proposals, we have deployed in-house full-color XNUMXD printers, UV printers, laser processing machines, etc.
We are trying to increase speed.

At the production stage, we optimize the production base in consideration of the balance of quality, delivery time, price and confidentiality.
In addition, we have abundant parts and unit inventories in Japan that are indispensable for composing original products.
Made in Japan together with domestic production bases (metal processing, resin processing, plating, painting, in-house work, etc.)
We can quickly respond to quick delivery.

At the delivery stage, ISO9001 (quality) is used for inspection before delivery to customers and after-sales follow-up after delivery.
As an ISO14001 (environment), ISO27001 (information) certified company, we will meet your expectations.

  • Achievement of a wide variety of customers' requests with a wealth of knowledge and experience of more than 1,000 points per year.

    One production case plan
    1 Production record 1000 points or more per year
  • With over 10,000 types of abundant parts and unit inventories, we can support urgent orders.

    Product information list
    2 Parts inventory over 1 types
  • With 400 domestic factories, 100 overseas factories, and a Chinese subsidiary, we can achieve short lead times and high-mix low-volume production.

    Our profile
    3 network 500 bases or more
  • We provide safe and gentle products with a thorough quality control system based on ISO9001 and an environmentally friendly system based on ISO14001.

    Our approach
    4 ISO acquisition, environmental consideration, quality control

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