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Approach to ISO9001

Daio Seisakusho has been working on quality improvement for more than 2001 years since it obtained ISO9001:2000 certification in 10.
In the 10th year, we integrated with ISO14001:2004 version in order to actively tackle environmental issues, and acquired integrated certification for ISO9001:2008 version and ISO14001:2004 version.
In 2018, we integrated the three management systems of ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO27001 and acquired certification.

In the future, by integrating the quality, environment, and information management systems, it will be possible to unify the documents to be managed, unify the activities, unify the internal and external audits, etc.

Organization name Daio Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
First time
Certification date
June 11, 2001
Certification renewal date
June 22, 2024
(Expiration date 3 years: February 2027, 2)
Compliant standard ISO9001:2015
Registration number C2021-00370
Scope of application Key chains, accessory accessories, toys, manufacturing management and sales of these parts
Target establishment 4 domestic offices
  • Main office
  • Tokyo Office
  • Osaka Sales Office
  • Misato Factory
Examination and registration agency Perry Johnson Registrar

Daio Seisakusho's Quality Management System (Growth of our suppliers is our growth)

Daio Seisakusho outsources all production processes, so the management of suppliers is a lifeline.
In the event of a quality problem, instead of simply blaming the subcontractor, having them understand that improving quality ultimately benefits both parties, we can work together to find the cause and come up with countermeasures. We will continue to make improvements.

It is also a pleasure for us to be pleased that we were able to make a deal with Daio Seisakusho from a subcontractor.

The idea that inspection is useless

Daio Seisakusho carries out acceptance inspections and pre-shipment inspections in accordance with the JISZ9015-1 standard.
However, no matter how much inspection is done after the good and bad products have already been completed, they are still defective.

In addition to focusing on the inspection of finished products, we place the highest priority on upstream management from design to production process, so that we can provide high-quality products every day by the quality standards of Daio Seisakusho cultivated in the Japanese market for about 50 years. We are improving.

All from people

All processes are human driven.
At Daio Seisakusho, we focus on our employees and focus on improving the quality and satisfaction of our employees.
In particular, we invest money and time in education and training and continue to do so.
We deeply believe that it will be returned to our customers as a result.

I think that there are many things that still do not arrive, but one word of the customer is our energy source.

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