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Quality standards for the products we handle

About appearance quality

class impression Scratches/dirts/unevenness/roughness/burrs Target of use
Beautiful finish Difficult to see ・Branded goods, luxury accessories, etc.
Almost clean finish If you look closely, there are slight scratches and color unevenness, but it is always inconspicuous ・Accessory miscellaneous goods
・Relatively expensive souvenirs and gifts
Appearance quality with no problems in use There are small scratches and slight uneven finish. The surface smoothness has some roughness. ・Reasonable accessories
・Small items such as bag metal fittings that occupy a small area of ​​the product
.Used in less noticeable parts
The quality is somewhat unsatisfactory There are scratches and uneven finish that can be seen at a glance. There is roughness in the smoothness of the surface.
Bali doesn't hurt as it gets caught in the finger pad.
・Inexpensive novelty
・Use in inconspicuous parts
There is no dignity and outside appearance
*Products with special functions only for price
The appearance is notable for roughness, but there is no adverse effect on function or performance. There is no danger Bali. Handles defective products such as chips, rust, mold, and painful burrs. ・Parts and tools
·the expendables

Performance (excluding display and drive functions by electricity, etc.)

class Image of usability Opening/Closing/Detaching/Expansion/contraction/Elasticity/Springiness Target of use
Always comfortable to use.
Opening and closing and putting on and taking off are not too tight or too loose.
There is a proper feeling of operation (click feeling, etc.)
.Variants that frequently operate moving parts (such as wallet opening and closing fittings)
.Used by the elderly and small children on a daily basis
・Relatively high-quality sundries
Average smooth
Allowable range of slight discomfort (listed on the right)
It can be opened and closed and put on and taken off smoothly, but it may be slightly stiff. It has an opening and closing structure with springs, but it may get caught a little when opening and closing, but it automatically returns to the origin. -Items that are used on a daily basis but do not operate frequently (such as metal fittings for belts on bags and photo frames)
・Relatively reasonable sundries
Somewhat coarse It may get caught when opening/closing or attaching/detaching, but it fulfills its original purpose.
The spring sometimes does not work well, but it will return to the home position with a little manual support.
・Infrequent use of moving parts (containers such as lost child containers)
・It is OK if it finally fulfills its purpose