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2022 Year 3 Monday ~

(# OEM6120)

You can decorate your favorite can badge in style."Acrylic can badge stand"We have started handling.The shape and color can be made freely.

(# OEM6121)

Can be customized by inserting acrylic"Acrylic stand clip"We have started handling.It can be used in 2 ways, a stand and a clip.

(# OEM6119)

Just put it in the smartphone case to prevent it from falling"strap holder for smartphone"We have started handling.You can also put your name on it by silk printing.

(# 6110-3)

"Stainless steel double ring flat push / round push / triangular push"We have started handling.Stainless steel is extremely rust resistant and is recommended for key chains and apparel products.The stainless steel fabric gives off a matte shine and gives it a luxurious feel.

(# 5306)

Stainless steel capsule that is resistant to metal allergies and rust"Stainless steel capsule"We have started handling.The texture and weight of the stainless steel fabric gives it a luxurious feel.

(# 6110-3)

Stainless steel round can that is resistant to metal allergies and rust"Stainless steel round can"We have started handling.Recommended for key chains used outside.

(# 0121)

The cute motif that has been well received has become a hook."Charm hook"Daio Seisakusho's original shape "mushroom type, Mt. Fuji type, Daruma type" has been added to the series.

(# 5914-2)

You can safely and compactly carry the sticky notes you need for work, study, and daily life."Sticky note"Has been redesigned to be the size of a business card holder that is easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

2021 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 6117)

A completely original card stand that can be made according to size, thickness, and various uses"Dekosuta!"We have started handling.Ideal for fashionably decorating thick cards such as cheki and fan club membership cards.

(# 6116)

A thick canvas-like card that can be printed with UV and has a built-in stand part on the back."Canvas postcard"Is on sale.It is recommended for live autograph session goods using publicity photographs and anime / original picture goods with illustrations printed.

(# 6115)

With a printed acrylic or dome sticker or a rim that is easy to decorate"Compact mirror"Is on sale.It can be widely used for character goods, brand miscellaneous goods, novelties, handicraft craft materials, etc.

(# OEM6114)

Because it is double-sided, it can be decorated in a reversible manner."W acrylic clip"Is on sale.You can put it in a bag or put together documents, but you can also put it in a computer monitor and use it as a "webcam cover".

(# OEM6113)

Layered autumn / winter classic items "faux fur" and "acrylic charm""Faux fur key chain"Is on sale.It is a recommended item that can add a special feeling to your usual acrylic key chain.

(# OEM6112)

When collected, it can be connected like a pizza"Pizza this (concatenated Axta key chain)"Is on sale.It is a 2-way specification that becomes a key chain and an acrylic stand.

(# 5806-2)

I made the mini frame a little bigger"Picture frame BIG"Is on sale.It is also recommended to put candy in the box parts and sell it.

(# OEM6111)

It can be attached to a mask with a magnet and used for company PR with a thorough infection control display and logo and emblem design."Mask badge (mask charm)"We have started handling.You can rest assured when you go out.The thickness and lightness do not bother you even if you attach it to a mask.

(# OEM6110)

Providing a sense of security to customers visiting our store through thorough PR of infection control when serving customers"Vaccinated badge"Started production and sales with original design.We also have 5 types of badge parts on the back side according to the place and purpose of attaching the badge.

(# 6106)

A new type of can badge using artificial leather (PU leather)"PU Can Badge"Is on sale.Full-color printing not only expresses illustrations and photographs, but also makes the brand logo shine, so it is also recommended for novelties.


"To be held on October 10thCharity Essay ContestProviding award-winning souvenirs at the awards ceremony.


September 6 "Tokyo Rikukyo Sprint ChallengeProviding participants with red cup pin badges.


September 6 "Nissin Foods Cup "37th National Elementary School Championships for AthleticsProviding participants with red cup pin badges.

(# 6105)

Palm-sized metal compact picture frame"Die-cast mini picture frame"Is on sale.Recommended for making character goods for exhibition and ornamental use.

(# 6104)

Miniaturized image of acrylic photo frame"Mini photo stand"Is on sale.In addition to being a stand function for acrylic plates, the exterior image looks like a photo frame and has a luxurious feel.

2020 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5916-2)

Transform into a fashionable frame just by sandwiching the printed acrylic plate"Multi-frame"A mini size that can be carried as a key chain in the lineup of capsule toys "Top frame"Has been added.

(# 6024)

High-quality printing products with high transparency and thickness "Acrylic Photo Cube"We have started handling.It is a product for interiors with very beautiful glittering reflections.

(# 6025)

Made of stainless steel, it is hard to break and can be printed on the entire front and back. "PU Folding Mirror"We have started handling.It's a good size that fits in the make-up pouch.

(# 6021)

Made of soft faux leather "PU smartphone stand"We have started handling. You can easily make an original smartphone stand by UV printing.

(# 6023)

Easy to manufacture by simply pasting a UV-printed acrylic plate, etc. "Die-cast smartphone stand ring"We have started handling.It is ideal for design expressions such as logos and emblems, and also has the functions of a smartphone stand and fall prevention ring.

(# 6017)

A stylish and convenient 2WAY key chain that transforms into a bag hanger and smartphone stand when opened "Smartphone stand & bag hanger"We have started handling.

(# 6019)

You can choose to use it as a cable holder (cable tie) to clean up the excess cable, or as a luggage tag to mark your travel bag by changing the printing direction. "PVC cable holder / luggage tag"We have started handling.

(# 6018)

You can carry it all together so that the charging cable for earphones and smartphones does not get entangled. "PVC code holder"We have started handling. Eliminates the stress of cluttering the charging cable in your bag.

(# 6015)

Gentle on the skin and enjoy the fashion of your ears "Plastic earrings"We have started to handle. You can use it with confidence even if you have metal allergies.

(# 6014)

A multifunctional, hands-free device that sends a cool breeze to your neck. "Portable fan"We have started to handle. It is a USB rechargeable handy fan that can operate for up to 9 hours by switching the air volume in XNUMX stages.

(# 6011)

Display cards and polaroid photos on the wall "Wall pocket"We have started to handle. Extra cards can be stored in the back storage pocket.

(# 6013)

Excellent usability with a gentle texture.UV printing on the entire surface makes photos and illustrations shine "PU (synthetic leather) mouse pad"We have started to handle. The border contains decorative stitches, which enhances the sense of quality.

(# 6010)

It is highly versatile and can be used for various purposes such as handmade masks, hat clips, neck straps, and memo clips. "Mini suspender clip"We have started to handle. Since there are XNUMX colors, it is easy to match the colors with the main products.

(# 6010)

A UV printing product that can carry cords and plugs in a compact size "USB AC Adapter/USB Multi Cable"We have started to handle. Ideal for charging devices such as smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

(# 6007)

Logo key chain using high-quality polyurethane material "One point logo holder"We have started to handle. Just attach the printed acrylic plate and potting sticker to complete the original goods.

(# 6005)

Light and durable, simple case with original print "ABS multi case"We have started to handle. It is an original UV printable product that is perfect as a stationery such as a pen case.

(# 6003)

An excellent item that protects the hand holding a paper cup containing a hot drink from being burned "PU (Synthetic Leather) Cup Sleeve"We have started to handle. A UV printing product that allows you to make original prints on the entire surface.

(# 6006)

A printing product that allows you to clean up your desk area "PU (Synthetic Leather) Tag Keychain"We have started to handle. The original print with a design that makes use of clear materials stands out.

(# 6004)

Perfect for expressing full-color photos and illustrations with UV printing"PU (Synthetic Leather) Tag Keychain"We have started to handle. The motel key type also fashionably creates a simple design with only logos and letters.

(# 5806)

Of popular products"Mini picture frame"Introducing a mini-mini picture frame for capsule toy size! You can now choose according to the selling method.

(# 5603-3)

Classic"IPhone case"The new 11 series has been added to the lineup. The product page has also been updated, making it easier to compare camera holes.

2019 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5916)

You can transform into a fashionable frame just by sandwiching the printed acrylic plate."Multi-frame"We have started to handle. We will make an original picture frame up to the inclusion and name on the frame.

(# 5915)

Suitable for UV printing, where the design shines on clear material"Acrylic clear ruler"We have started to handle. You can enjoy various designs in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is also possible to make the original shape.

(# 5706-3)

A pen can be carried by attaching it to a notebook or notebook"Pen holder"A type with a T-shirt type plate has been added to. You can make it with a uniform or uniform design.

(# 5912)

You can put your name on the ribbon"Ribbon bag charm"We have started to handle. You can customize each player and character with the alphabet number charm with stones.

(# 5914)

You can safely and compactly carry the sticky notes you need for work, study, and daily life."Mini sticky note book"We have started to handle. You can print the original design on both sides, once.

(# 5906)

From mount to package, all made in Japan"toothbrush"We have started to handle. We will print the original design on the skeleton toothbrush that looks good in the water.

(# 5905)

"PU plate"We have started to handle. There are various types of shapes, and the back side can be selected from two types with a mirror type and a simple type without a mirror.

(# 5903)

UV full color printing compatible pass case"PC pass case"We have started to handle. It is strong and light and convenient to carry around.

(# 5810)

Wrist band for UV full color printing"Autograph Band"We have started to handle. You can leave memories of handshake events with artists and idols. All 10 colors are available.

2018 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5902)

You can make hair accessories for women by combining acrylic charms and metal decorative parts"Hair elastic"Is the release. You can choose according to the usage scene such as with or without color and metal parts.

(# 5802)

In response to the request that you do not want to make holes in your important suits and uniforms"Magnet Badge"We have started to handle. Since it can be combined with printed acrylic, the range of designs can be expanded.

(# 5807)

One part can be used in any number of ways!"Stand parts SRP-1"Has started selling. Recommended as a part to be combined with acrylic badges and tin badges.

(# 5806)

It's small just to assemble, but it's a full-scale miniature picture frame"Mini picture frame"We have started to handle. Just print it to make it an attractive item.

(# 5805)

Items that decorate rainy days"Umbrella marker"The handle type has appeared. You can enjoy with a wider design.

(# 5612)

It has been well received"Smartphone fall prevention ring"Introducing a new clear plate. In addition, we have taken patent measures for rings.

2017 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5708)

The popular PU (synthetic leather) seriesPU (synthetic leather) pass caseWe have started to handle. We have a unique shape that allows you to print the original design.

(# 5708)

With a wide variety of colorsColor wire keychainHas started selling. You can dye the wire part in the original color!

(# 5708)

Affordable sizeF0 canvasWe have started to handle. Since it is UV printable, you can make a board that catches your eye just by printing. You can play an active part in various scenes such as interior decorations as well as anime merchandise and bridal!

(# 5707)

UV printablePU (synthetic leather) compact mirror seriesIs now available! There are mirrors and pill cases, and there are many variations in shape! This item allows you to make fashionable accessories with a little printing.

(# 5706)

A convenient item that can be attached to a notebook or notebook to carry the pen and saves the trouble of finding a pen.Pen holderWe have started to handle! There are flat type that is easy to decorate and those with a Φ25mm plate.

(# 5703)

With the same structure as the ball chain, the plastic type is removablePlastic chain The chain LOX release is here.Translucent color with a cool impression!It does not react to metal detectors and meter readers, and can be hung on equipment at kimono stores and clothing stores with tags attached.

(# 5702-b)

The flat surface makes it easy to print, and the accessory parts that combine make it even more stylish.Pass caseHas started selling. It is a simple card case that is perfect for commuting and employee ID cards.

(# 5702-a)

Easy to carry, ideal for women's miscellaneous goods and anime goods that support full-color printing with a UV printermirrorHas started selling. It is easy to print on a flat surface and is compatible with small lots!

(# 5701)

As an amulet that invites good luck and gains good luck, success, and good luckSuzuhime RinAppeared! The lie is a famous bird that tells lies and misfortunes that existed in the previous year because it leads to lies.

(# 5124-2)

Fall-winter classic accessory "fake fur" bonbon typeLarge sizeAdded. The 10 cm and 12 cm sizes have a big impact even when attached to a bag! Excellent compatibility with leather and suede materials.

(# 5608-C)

New thin flat type mobile battery (portable charger for smartphones) that can be used as a printing product10000mAh typeHas joined. The large capacity and high output of 2.1A make it suitable for charging tablets.

2016 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5410-2)

A bell with a gentle tone like a music boxMizuto bellNew toGourd typeIs done.Our original from planning to production.In addition to the gorgeous gold and silver of Chijimi, the color has a gourd floral pattern and a six gourd pattern that wishes for no illness.It is also possible to tie a decorative string to the constricted part.

(# 5612)

Features a flat surface suitable for printing and a large adhesive surfaceSmartphone fall prevention ringIs now on sale! The glossy ring also works as a smartphone stand.

(# 5611)

Beautifully polished and finishedElegant and high-class NaskanHas started selling. The new round type form is a one-point production that is a bit different from the conventional one. Especially recommended for genuine leather products and brand products.

(# 5610)

The iPhone 7 series has finally lost the earphone jack. So instead of the accessory parts for inserting the earphone jack, weAccessory parts that can be connected to the "Lightning" portIs now on sale.

(# 5610)

You can engrave characters and images on metal plates, pens, accessories, etc. on the spot made by Roland DG!Metal printer METAZA "MPX-95"The handling of has started.

(# 5608)

Demand is expanding as travel supplies and disaster prevention goodsMobile battery (portable charger for smartphones)Has started selling. A lineup of XNUMX types with a charge remaining indicator, a thin and lightweight cable type with excellent portability, and a thin flat type suitable for printing. It is also recommended for Pokemon users who consume a lot of smartphone power.

(# 5606)

IPhone 7 released this fallProtective caseHas been released. This time, we also added a lineup of hard cases that can be used in common with the previous model iPhone XNUMX series, as well as cases with a popular matte coat finish.

(# 5601)

New iPhone model released this springHard case for "iPhone SE" and popular notebook type smartphone caseHas started selling. Both are compatible with UV inkjet printers.

(# 5502)

Parts that make pin badges easily with acrylic goodsHas started selling. A lineup of XNUMX types of chotac with larger plates than the conventional products. Chotac can be attached to acrylic with adhesive or double-sided tape, making it possible for acrylic processors and individuals to make pin badges. Recommended for producing anime goods.

2015 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5508)

Popular for material goods compatible with UV inkjet printersNotebook type smartphone caseHas been added to the lineup. Since it is a multi-type that can be attached to popular iPhone and other models, it can be used by more users.


Compatible with UV inkjet printersMaterial goodsHas been added to the lineup. We will introduce various goods that can make attractive original goods just by UV printing.

(# 5503)

As a message fan series, you can edit messages on your computer.LED message fan (patented product)"Added. You can display the message you have created by illumination.

(# 5420)

The amulet of the zodiac is written in four languages ​​that are easy for foreign tourists to understand.Zodiac MamoruWas commercialized. The origin and benefits of the zodiac are shown on both the packaging and the furniture.

(# 5118)

In the reel key lineupStainless steel (SUS304BA) mini reel key chainWas added. It features a calm color unique to stainless steel.

2014 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5418)

Can be used for popular resin accessories and handmade crafts.Original design meal plate/frameWas commercialized. The cherry and plum meal plate goes well with the Japanese design.

(# 5408)

For example, a perfume aroma container where you can carry your favorite scentFragrance goodsWas renewed. The scent of the oval type is easier to spread than conventional products, and new colors black, blue and pink have been added.

(# 5422)

A convenient real leather key item that you can wear while wearing fashionable measures against static electricityGenuine leather carabiner key coverWas commercialized. A characteristic is a carabiner wrapped in calm leather.

(# 5415)

The calm matte rubber-like texture creates an adult sense.iPhone6 ​​case/matte coatWas commercialized.

(# 5410)

A bell with a gentle tone like a music boxMizuto bellWas commercialized. You can use it as a healing item as an amulet or as an accessory.

(# 5421)

Designed by bead artist Keiko KitamuraBeads Zodiac Mascot (Beads Zodiac Mamoru)Was commercialized.Press release delivery from here

(# 5419)
Winter warming goods "Cairo case (OEM compatible)Was commercialized. If you wrap it in a fluffy case like a stuffed animal, it gently warms your cold hands.
(# 5411)
A kit that allows you to enjoy handicrafts with small children because it does not use needles.Play botanWas commercialized. The first is a kit that you can use to create your name charm.Press release delivery from here
(# 5413)
A gentle face guardKobo Daishi mascotWas commercialized. The cute expression is particular about the details.
(# 5415)
Safe and high quality with domestic moldiPhone6 ​​caseWas commercialized. Two types, with and without holes for straps.
(# 5412)
New souvenir project for regional developmentAle canWas commercialized. The first is "Nagatoro Ale Can", which is introduced in Nagatoro City, Saitama Prefecture.Press release delivery from here
(# 5417)
The functions of the touch pen, smartphone stand, and cleaner have become one.Multifunction touch penWas commercialized. You can put a name on the drop surface.
(# 5409)
Perfect for sports teams and event goodsAcrylic carabiner (uniform type), spring partsWas commercialized.
(# 5409)
For making wallet of original pouch and gamaguchiClaspWas commercialized. There is a large variety of small and large caps with cute balls like candy balls.
(# 5306-2)
New to the aluminum capsule seriesBrass capsuleHas appeared. It is a capsule that makes use of the texture of brass and makes it taste better. It has a heavy weight and is full of luxury.

We sell "smartphone screen cleaner" and "can badge" which designed character of animation "one week friends" in Web shop "Daio Seisakusho online shop". (Currently discontinued) The press isplease use this form..

(# 5403)
You can carry Mintia cutelyMintia caseWas commercialized. The flat and simple design makes it easy to decorate and put your name on.
(# 5406)
"Fragrance goodsWas commercialized. It is a soothing product when the perfume is soaked in the cotton in the capsule and used as a necklace, with a subtle scent.
(# 5404)
We have commercialized a small and cute "miniature bottle". We made thumb bottles and wine bottles into thumb-sized miniatures. You can create an original bob in a small lot simply by attaching a label.
(# 5402)
You can carry a plastic bottle from your backpack or neck.PET bottle holder (made of aluminum)Was commercialized. Perfect for sports goods and OEM goods for live events.
(# 5401)
The annual lucky charm "Die cast zodiac (not yet)Was commercialized. Of course, it's perfect as a charm and novelty novelty. There are two types of original designs, real pop.
(# 5314)
NASCAN which becomes bag accessory "Acrylic carabinerWas commercialized. Recommended as OEM goods for characters.
(# 5313)
"Reel key chain (with pot)Was commercialized. It features a flat body suitable for printing and a satin texture. The long stroke (approx. 75 cm) of the string improves usability.
(# 5306)
A cute container with a colonAluminum capsule (sphere type)Was commercialized. You can also use it as a fashionable lost card by inserting the paper with the contact information written inside.

2013 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5312)
New item"Bean MamomoriWill be released in early January. A cute charm that makes beans look like characters for the whole family. It is a mini size that you can carry around in your pocket or purse. Press releaseplease use this form.
(# 5310)
New item"Daruma who has eyesWill be released in the middle of December. Decorate with a character or picture on a Daruma mascot that pops out when you catch it. If you write a message to support the examination, it will be a prayer for success in the world.
(# 5309)
Earphone jack parts for attaching straps etc. to smartphonesConnect with canWas commercialized. It is a large hole that makes it easy to attach accessories. (Compatible with 3.5mm earphone jack)
(# 5308)
"iPhone5s/5c CaseWas commercialized. It is a simple case that does not compromise the design of the iPhone. Two types of materials, polycarbonate and TPU. (Print/OEM compatible)
(# 5209)
"Felt goodsWas commercialized. OEM product lineup using felt. We will introduce four types: charm, tablet case, smartphone case, pass case.
(# 5305)
"iPhone5 Home Button Accessory (Connector Parts)Was commercialized. It is an accessory part for iPhone 5.
Charms to decorate the lower part (5 places) of iPhone XNUMX can be attached with connect parts to be inserted into the dock connector.
(# 5214)
"Handbag hanger (clip type)Was commercialized. Attached to a table, it becomes a hook and is a convenient item for hanging a bag. It's a clip format, so it's slim and renewed.
(# 5302-7)
Use by cooling in the freezerCool padWas commercialized. It can be used not only as a cooldown on a hot day, but also as a heat sink when heat is generated.
(# 5302-6)
Convenient for traffic safety at nightReflector LED lightWas commercialized. It reflects the light of cars and outside lights, so it is especially recommended for those who take a walk for health.
(# 5302-5)
Wear gloves like an accessory.Summer glove holderWas commercialized. It's a mini size that you can wear with sun protection summer gloves.
(# 5302-4)
You can rehydrate, gargle and brush your teeth anytime, anywhere.Folding cupWas commercialized. It's compact size, so you can carry it in the pouch.
(# 5302-3)
Cover the canned beverageCan capWas commercialized. The contents are hard to spill and the carbonic acid is hard to come off, so it's convenient for desk work, drive, cherry blossom viewing, etc.
(# 5302-2)
Great for swimming and swimmingSmartphone waterproof pouchWas commercialized. Recommended for summer leisure.
(# 5302-1)

Scarf that becomes cool just by adding waterNeck coolerWas commercialized. It is eco-friendly and economical because it can be used repeatedly.

2012 Year 3 Monday ~

Made of thin and light polycarbonateTransparent iPhone caseWas commercialized. The glossy clear case that reflects the design of the main unit protects the iPhone's stylishness from scratches without sacrificing it.
Fall/Winter classic product New color of faux fur bonbonAnimal print/faux furWas commercialized. Two kinds of animal patterns are perfect for gorgeous fashion.
A collection of synthetic natural stones related to love fulfillmentHeart stone (synthetic natural stone)Was commercialized. It is also recommended as a talisman for matchmaking. Five types: rose quartz, aquamarine, carnelian, moonstone, and amethyst.
Carry a regular or IC card and carry it in a bagAcrylic pass caseWas commercialized. We also support name entry, so we can also create original designs. Two types, solid and lame.
Discoloration when exposed to ultraviolet raysUV charm plate OEMWas commercialized. We can also make UV check mirrors and parasol charms with original designs as goods for spring and summer when the sun gets stronger.
"Felt partsWas commercialized. The soft and lightweight material is recommended as an accessory that will not damage your smartphone or digital camera. Since it is laser-cut, no mold cost is required, and OEM production with low initial cost is possible.
"Smartphone case for iPhone5Was commercialized. Two types of iPhone 2 cases made of polycarbonate and TPU. We also support name insertion, so it is recommended for OEM.
Accessory parts for the earphone jackL-shaped earphone jack connect for iPhone5Was commercialized. The shape is compatible with the iPhone 5 with the earphone jack on the bottom.
(# 5207e)
Attach it to the earphone plug of the genuine iPhone earphone.Earphone ring accessory (earphone jack)Was commercialized. It is also a recommended accessory for those who listen to music on a smartphone.
(# 5207d)

You can carry it by inserting the connector into the earphone jack of your smartphone or tablet.With touch pen connectWas commercialized. It is recommended for novelty because it supports entering names.

An accessory part that plugs into the dock connector of the iPhone to prevent dust from enteringiPhone Dock parts”, you can decorate the buttons of your iPhone with glitter.Home buttonWas commercialized. (※Build-to-order manufacturing)
Convenient smartphone goodsCleaner & stylusAs it has a drop surface, you can enter the name of a small lot.
Unique smartphone caseWooden and bamboo iPhone caseIt has a texture that fits comfortably in your hand and a calm and luxurious feel.
Plug it into the earphone jackNaruto x Panson (jack mascot)Was commercialized. NARUTO, which has received a lot of attention in the movie release this summer, is now available as a smartphone jack accessory!
Plug it into the earphone jackSmartphone in mascotWas commercialized. The first is a Japanese traditional series. There is no doubt that it will be a great gift for foreigners.

Cute mascot series with body shakingFurifuri Jizo/Maneki NekoWas commercialized. Jizo with a nagomi face and a real lucky cat. An auspicious character.

With a drop surface (concave surface)Stainless steel card case (made of SUS201)Was commercialized. It is convenient for attaching decorations and personalized stickers.
Recommended summer productsSummer item featureIt was listed as ". We also have goods that can be put in a name, which are perfect for saving electricity in the summer.
Lucky "2013 Zodiac "Snake" partsWas commercialized. It can be used as amulet netsuke for shrines and temples, and as a New Year's gift.
Accessories can be attached to smartphones that do not have holes for straps such as i-PhoneSmart connect colorWas commercialized.
(# 5131)
We prepared a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in the event of a disaster in preparation for the Tokyo Metropolitan Earthquake (M7.3 seismic intensity 6+ class). Regarding disaster responseplease use this form.for more information.
(# 5130)
Smartphone accessories"Jack jewelry". Just insert it into the earphone jack. You can enjoy the fashion of your smartphone as if you were piercing.
(# 5117)
Using natural stone onyx/crystalBraille beadsWas commercialized. Recommended for accenting power stone bracelets and lucky straps.
(# 5126)
A cute mascot series that shakes your bodyMafuri furifuriWas commercialized. A discerning product that reproduces kimono and hair ornaments in detail. All 6 types

2011 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5127)
Strap mounting parts compatible with the Dock connector of iPhone and iPodi plugHas started selling.
(# 5103)
A mini size that does not require a battery and is useful for keyhole lighting in the dark or in the darkSolar light". All 9 colors are available.
(# 5125)
A knot string that connects ties and bondsKnot rootingWas commercialized. With the color development of the image of Sengoku warlords and professional baseball teams, we recommend it for local goods.
(# 5123)
Pseudo fur that does not sacrifice animal lifeFaux FurWe have commercialized the accessory parts.
(# 5122)
An improved netsuke string suitable for carrying strapsNetsuke strapWas commercialized.
(# 5120)
Insert your employee ID card or pass cardID pass caseWas commercialized. Three types of ID pass cases are available.
(# 5119)
Magnetic holder parts for wearing glasses and sunglasses on your chest.Glass holderWas commercialized. It can be attached to any position on a shirt or jacket without making holes.
(# 5118)
Small and fashionableMini reel keychainWas commercialized. By widening the drop surface and making the edge thin, the decoration of rhinestones and seals stands out.
(# 5116)
The more you use it, the more it tastes.Brass snap hookWas commercialized. Recommended for jeans key chains, wallet chains, and metal bags for women.
(# 5115)
Netsuke string using chirimenChirimen Matsuba string"And the flower in the middle is a one-point luxury version of Asian netsuke "Asian Netsuke Gold/Silver VersionWas commercialized.
(# 5114)
Let's do our best in Japan-support goods for disaster areas-Disaster area support key chainWas commercialized.
(# 5114)
Let's do our best in Japan ~Goods for disaster areas~Neon fan","Silicon band bond breath","Good luck japan plateWas commercialized.
(# 5113)
2012 zodiacHas been added to the lineup. Recommended for new year's gifts and amulets for shrines and temples.
(# 5112)
Accessories can be attached to smartphones that do not have holes for straps such as i-phone.Smart connectWas released.
(# 5111)
Two cute panda mini mascotsFurifuri PandaWas commercialized. The body is swaying and full of respect, and the cuddly foot is an adorable character.
(# 5109)
Multi-functional and useful in times of disaster DynamoRadio lightsHas been added to the lineup. You can also carry it compactlyDynamo Light"Easy daily safety and crime prevention goods"whistleThe series has been expanded.
(# 5108)
Charm attached to an umbrellaParasol charmHas begun to be released. At the same time, we started to sell UV charms that change color with ultraviolet rays.
(# 5106)
For the reconstruction of the disaster areaDisaster area support goodsHas been added to the lineup. All proceeds from this product will be donated through the Japanese Red Cross Society as relief funds for the reconstruction of the disaster area.
(# 5105)
The standard whistle for disaster prevention goodsColor whistleHas been added to the lineup.
(# 5104)
Manual power generationDynamo LED Light/Radio/Mobile ChargerHas begun to be released.
(# 5103)
Ultra smallSolar led lightsHas been released. No need for batteries, 3 high brightness white LEDs glow.
(# 5102)
Handy typeRadioactivity measuring device (Geiger counter)The SDM2000U is now on sale.
(# 5101)
Ecology heat countermeasure goods "Cool mistHas been released.

2010 Year 3 Monday ~

(# 5031)
Mobile phone strap partsIntroducing a new color to the RS-C series"is. There are 3 antique antique colors (copper antique/silver antique/brass antique) and chic black nickel.
(# 5030)
Zodiac "Zodiac character bellHas been added to the lineup. It is a lucky charm, but it has a cute and fancy design.
(# 5029)
Mobile phone can be slantedLong chain shoulder strapHas been added to the lineup.
(# 5028)
Isn't it difficult to get what you need from your handbag right away?To youBag in hookIs recommended.
(# 5027)
Metal Printer METAZA "MPX-90Has started selling. You can engrave letters and images on the spot on metal plates, pens and accessories.
(# 5026)
Featuring rounded top and bottom caps and a short braidCrown netsuke cordIs new.
(# 5025)
Our original "shape of flowers"Glass charm"Sakura and Ume" are now on sale.
(# 5024)
Preparing for "fake fur"
(# 5023)
"Guardian Braille Plate & PinsThe guardian Buddha has been popular with people since ancient times as a good luck and a ward off evil (guardian deity).
(# 5022)
Flocked beads with flocked beads (Matsuba string)Flocky beads strapIs the appearance of.
(# 5021)
The fluffy ``can be used in a variety of accessories and costumesFur Bonbon".
(# 5020)
"Pill case & portable ashtray (with drop)Has been updated.
(# 5019)
Preparing for "Poly Resin Mascot"
(# 5018)
A magnet that is stronger than a ferrite magnetNeodymium magnetIt can be used for small items such as promotional items and mascots that stick together.
(# 5017)
Charm-type pine string with a stone that has a cute sparkling crystal rhinestone capRS-D4S"Appearance.
(# 5016)
In addition to the classic alphabet charm series, the large-grain rhinestone alphabet with a high degree of "conspicuousness"Y21S] Is a lineup.
(# 5015)
Preparing for "PVC Mascot"
(# 5014)
Preparing "Shoe Clip"
(# 5013)
Mini size `` suitable for charms such as key chains and strapsVarious glass containers"When"Mini glass bottleHas been uploaded.
(# 5012)
Fashionably carry gloves,Glove holderHas been uploaded.
(# 5011)
Keychains for handbag accessories"Bag charm holderHas been released.
(# 5010)
Add to the standard aluminum capsule seriesSquare model"When"Color version"Added.
(# 5009)
"Floating display" that floats, levitates, and floats in the air has been uploaded.
(# 5008)
"Hook with rhinestones" in preparation
(# 5007)
accessory parts"Ear-hookHas been released.
(# 5006)
"New product leaflet August issue" in preparation
(# 5005)
"New product leaflet May issue" in preparation
(# 5004)
A high-quality "Rhinestone" on a zinc die-cast carabiner.Carabiner with rhinestonesHas been uploaded.
(# 5003)
Zodiac of 2011 "Rabbit parts and netsukeHas been uploaded
(# 5002)
A super mini type that you can carry your favorite perfume cutelyAtomizerHas been uploaded.
(# 5001)
"New product leaflet March issue" in preparation
2010.03.11 Daio Seisakusho has celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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