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Ear hook (ear cuff)

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Ear hook (ear cuff)
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"Ear hook (ear cuff)", a unique ear accessory that you can wear on your ears
Since it is supported by the entire ear, it is possible to reduce the burden on the ear even with a large and slightly heavy design.
There are plenty of 5 decorative holes that can be used to attach charms such as pearls, ribbons and beads.

~Reason to recommend earhook~

<Feature 1>
 No need to pierce like piercings

<Feature 2>
 Less likely to hurt when worn
 → Since it is supported by the entire ear, there is no burden even with a large and slightly heavy design)

<Feature 3>
 Accessories that play a leading role
 → Just put it on and it will make your face gorgeous
    Recommended for dress-up coordination.

<Feature 4>
 High brand attention & overseas celebrity favorite

* "Nickel-free" plating that is safe even for metal allergies

Product code5007
body sizeW45 x H58xD2.5 (mm)
MaterialMade of zinc alloy (nickel-free plating)
Body colorNickel-free plating/gold plating
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Ear hook] Making


Ear hook
■Decoration (what you like)
Pearl beads (large), pearl beads (small), beads
Metal parts (leaf), tassel
■Parts to decorate
T-pin, XNUMX-shaped pin, round can, chain

Making 1

XNUMX. First, prepare for connecting the decorations.
How to attach T-pin and 9-pin
① Pass the pin through the beads.
② Bend the base of the pin and cut it leaving 7 to XNUMX mm.
(XNUMX) Roll the end of the pin with a round pad.
④ Complete!

Making 2

XNUMX. When you are ready for the T-pin and XNUMX-shaped pin, connect the decorations.

Making 3 "

XNUMX. If you use a chain etc. to produce the length, you will get a nice finish!
How to attach a chain
(XNUMX) Insert a round can through the end of the short chain.
② Put the decoration on the round can and close it.
* If you put a round can on the other end of the chain, it will be GOOD!

Making 4

XNUMX. Connect the decorations you made with a round can.
I made 5 ear hooks because there are 5 places to put decorations on!

Making 5

XNUMX. If you connect the ear hook and the decoration you made using a round canComplete!

Making 6

Time required: about 20 minutes
If you can make the basics of pins and circles, you can make them very easily.
This time, I also made matching earrings with the extra decorative parts.

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