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Netsuke string

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  • Knot rooting

    It is a warm netsuke string woven by hand one by one. There are two types of color variations, one is the image of Sengoku warlords and the other is the image of baseball teams.

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  • Netsuke string

    Introducing a netsuke string.

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  • Netsuke strap

    Netsuke string that uses a thin and strong core nylon string for mobile straps. Netsuke string suitable for straps.

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  • Netted string with tufts

    A netsuke string with auspicious tufts that is ideal for prayer fulfillment goods.

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  • Fanci netsuke string

    Fancy netsuke string with 3 beads.

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  • Glass beads Netsuke string

    A pine needle string made of glass beads, which is characterized by a glittery finish and a deep luster.

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  • Crown netsuke cord

    A new series of small and cute netsuke strings (strap pine needles). It features a rounded cap and a short braid.

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  • Aurora fancy netsuke string

    Pine cord for straps using glittering aurora beads

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  • Asian Netsuke

    An Asian netsuke string with a gorgeous and auspicious knot pattern.Recommended as netsuke for shrines and temples, straps for omamori, and netsuke parts.

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9 ofThere are products.

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