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OGBS Tokyo 2023

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OGBS Tokyo 2023
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It will be held at the Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for two days from September 2023th (Wednesday) to September 9th (Thursday), 27.
We exhibited at the Custom Goods Business Show Autumn 2023.

[Order Goods Business Show Autumn 2023] is an exhibition where Japan's largest stamp business and wear print, original & SP goods merchandise and manufacturing equipment will be held on the 2nd floor of the Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Wear print, seals, stationery, light printing, DPE, sports shops, business convenience stores, laser processing, locks, nameplates/plates, home centers, mass retailers, advertising agencies, wear print related, various buyers, bridal, memorial goods related business , SP related, creators and designers are eligible for admission.

Order Goods Business Show Fall 2023 Official Website

At Daio Seisakusho
・ Inquiries from many industries for the production of original goods Many standard popular products and new products of interest
・ Products that can be used not only for selling goods but also for sales promotion and novelty production
・ Key holders, ball chains, badge production parts, etc. to be combined with various goods
Pick up and exhibit.
All of them are compatible with many industries that have content such as photographs, illustrations, logos, etc.
We introduced goods that can be produced with original designs in small lots starting from 100 pieces.
Thank you very much for your visit and business cards.

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