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At the Daio Seisakusho online shop, smartphone accessories, cellphone straps, key chains, squirrels, plates, containers and cases,
We sell various accessory parts, semi-finished products, finished products such as can ring, hook, key parts, chain / chain, pin / clip, heaton, caulking, bell, lucky charm, charm, mascot, resin craft supplies.

It can be used by traders, individual customers, and anyone.

Daio Seisakusho online shop (formerly Daiou store)

Daio Seisakusho Online Shop

Materials for handmade and handicrafts operated by Daio Seisakusho,
Online shop of original handmade goods.

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We introduce products that match daily trends, daily operations, and internal conditions. We will send you information about new products and how to use the products little by little every day.

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In addition to product introductions and internal situations, we also provide more detailed production examples. We will send you information that will help you to make more detailed proposals.

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Introducing new products and posting photos that are conscious of seasonal topics.We will deliver information that allows you to concretely imagine the feeling of use in daily life.

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