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Adding the added value of "experience" to things makes it different from other companies' products, and adding "experience" makes it easier to remember. The memories are being told through SNS with personal experience value, and it is becoming more and more important to create value as to what kind of things can be experienced using the thing.

Daio Seisakusho uses the following approaches to create experience value.

New Products

  • Crowdfunding support business
    [Tokyo Asakusa Association]

    I wanted to protect the culture of the Asakusa Hanayanagi world, so I launched a project in collaboration with the Tokyo Asakusa Association.We were in charge of planning and reward items.

  • Crowdfunding support business
    [Sakura pot Nakae]

    We conducted crowdfunding in collaboration with a restaurant specializing in horse meat dishes [Sakura Nabe Nakae Asakusa Yoshiwara Main Store], which has a history of 38 years since the founding of the Meiji era, and was in charge of planning and reward items unique to parlor play.

  • 2018 Minamisoma City Supporter Novelty Business

    With the initiative of "Minamisoma City Supporter Project", we created a calendar with the cooperation of a company in the city as a novelty expressing the charm of the area.

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