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Original goods production
Planning and development expertsPlease leave it to us!

Do you have such problems?

  • I have an image I want to make, but I can't make it myself...
  • I want fans to get excited, but what should I do...
  • I want to make goods at events, but isn't it interesting?
  • I want to make customers smile through the experience.
  • What can I do at this price...?

With accumulated knowledge and experience of making things and things
We provide full support from planning to sales!

Easy 3 steps!

  • What you want to make
    What you want to achieve


    Request sharing

  • Image image and
    Prototype sample



  • Mass production of things
    Directing things



    ※The photograph is an image.

We take ideas into shape!

Reasons why Daio Seisakusho is selected

Parts variation

Fulfill your wishes
RichParts variation
At Daio Seisakusho, we use abundant parts inventory and offer a wide range of combinations of parts and color development so that you can make more attractive goods with your OEM products.


Making goods like never before
At Daio Seisakusho, we are conscious of things when making goods, and we will not only produce goods for sale and distribution, but also create a variety of experience values ​​that make children smile.

Design production

Design productionから
Image suggestion
Our planning and development staff will support the production of designs, artwork and drawings. We will propose multiple finished image designs in the planning proposal.

Prototype sample Of
Shorter delivery due to in-house production
We have a full-color 3D printer (Projet4500), a UV printer (LEF20), a laser processing machine (VLS 2.30), etc. in-house to support quick sample making.

Production flow

  • Inquiry
  • Design
    Determine specifications

  • Deposit/prototype
  • Mass production/inspection
  • Delivery
    After follow

Can talk directly
There is a showroom
We are exhibiting many seasonal production examples that are not posted on our website. You can have a business discussion while seeing, touching and seeing the actual item on the spot. Also, if you have any requests, we will contact you.

Click here for the original production inquiry form

Click here for other production examples

Package example

PP bag (with or without header)
PP bag (with or without header)
OPP bag + mount
OPP bag + mount
Display case
Display case
Pillow case + mount
Pillow case + mount
Aluminum deposition bag
Aluminum deposition bag

Click here for the original production inquiry form

Inquiries by phone

Contact us by email info@daiomfg.co.jp

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