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"Japan.Endless Discovery" pin badge for distribution to foreigners visiting Japan

MLIT Tourism Agency
Craft and range
  • "Japan.Endless Discovery" Pin Badge
  • Production
Processing method
Made of brass, 3-color silk printing, surface epoxy resin processing
Purpose of use/application
For distribution to tourists
Delivery date
90 days
Minimum lot
Quality standards
Order history and our contribution

Pin badge for distribution to foreign visitors to Japan and for use by domestic staff.
We are running out of stock, and we made a successful bid at the lowest price through a bid to place a new order.
We were able to deliver 3 pieces within the deadline in about 1 weeks.

Commitment to expression

The back side has a satin finish so that you can read the letters "MADE IN JAPAN" firmly.

Make the area "MADE IN JAPAN" stand out with a satin finish
Our strengths

We have a full-color 3D printer, UV printer, and laser processing machine in-house, and we appealed that we can support from the planning and prototype stages in the future.

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