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Discontinued number information

In this corner, we will inform you about discontinued product information and products that will be discontinued as long as they are in stock.

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* Since the product information of the products listed in the old catalog is old, the discontinued number information is not posted in this corner.

Keychain hardware


210/219/225/220 will be discontinued due to limited stock.

Parts catalog "Tsunagu" P3 publication

Snap hook


"BK 06 NI" will be discontinued due to limited stock.

Parts catalog "Tsunagu" P32 publication



The invisible pen "Hidden Love DX2" will be discontinued as long as it is in stock.

Catalog "Product Information 14" P18


The mini sticky note book has been discontinued.
As a substitute, we have newly started handling resized products with an increased number of sticky notes.

UV printing product catalog P10 listings

Electric miscellaneous goods


Mobile battery 2500mAh type is discontinued.

Catalog "Product Information 14" P6

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