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I really want to work with my favorite things.
Let's commercialize your idea with a work that you can do even planning!
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    We are always smiling and we support you firmly
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    We will create products that will solve problems with customers from the beginning.
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    There are things we can do because we are also handling precious metals
"Super cute!" "What's this?!" "Wow, gorgeous!"

It is the products we handle that come up with such exclamations.
It was a chain manufacturer when it was founded 50 years ago. However, we are proud of our “financial constitution and stability (equity ratio of 70% or more),” which is the result of continuing to develop products that match the times, such as key chains, mobile straps, and now smartphone accessories!
Daio Seisakusho is a hidden company that keeps making world-class Japanese “kawaii”.
“Everyone prepares to go home around 18 pm. Because our job is to sense the times and plan products ahead of them. Enhancing private life is also important for work.”
Let's work together to create a “kawaii!” that will sweep the next era in a workplace where perfect stability, no overtime, and constant laughter.
Every year we have employee trips, all employees vote to decide destinations and optional tours, and there are many events that make everyone smile.

Please note that we are not currently recruiting.

Basically, there are various education systems regardless of experience or nationality in any department.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
General Affairs Department Recruitment ← Click the blue letters on the left.

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Job recruitment guidelines

Overview We are currently recruiting as follows.
No experience required, no nationality required, education system available.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
General Affairs Department Recruitment ← Click the blue letters on the left.

New graduates, graduates, and mid-career
Elderly people: We do not apply this time. Please note.
Persons with disabilities: We have not applied for this time. Please note.

Citizenship Not required (international students are allowed, but must have sufficient and sufficient Japanese proficiency to have a Japanese Language Proficiency Level 1)
Job openings
Department Business contents Recruitment number Desired type
General Affairs Department

Improving employee satisfaction
General affairs
PR activities

End of recruitment

Those who want to make their employees happy
Bookkeeping and PC operation are a plus

Normal license is a plus

Sales department Improving customer satisfaction
Route sales and
Development of new sales channels
New product planning

End of recruitment

Those who want to make their customers happy
Those who are interested in making things
*Regular license required (No need for application)
Development department Product design
New products development
Promotion support
End of recruitment

Those who like making things

Web/SNS experience is a plus
Knowledge of 3D modeling a plus

Manufacturing department Purchasing management
quality management
Inventory control

End of recruitment

Those who want to make their subcontractors happy
Those who are interested in making things
*Regular license required (No need for application)
Daiseki trade Purchasing management
quality management
Inventory control
End of recruitment
Those who want to make their subcontractors happy
Those who are interested in making things
*Chinese required native level


We want to eliminate troubles after assignment by clarifying the type of job recruited in advance and maximizing the desired type of job for applicants.

Unlike the general manufacturing industry, our manufacturing department does not carry out manufacturing operations in-house. Since production is outsourced domestically and internationally, the focus is on management of suppliers and suppliers, product quality, and inventory management.


Daio Seisakusho consists of the following four departments.

[Sales department] Building trust with customers
・Products section: Develop new sales channels centered on route sales
・Koto section: Proposals to sell experience value instead of selling things themselves
・WEB Division: Promotion of domestic and cross-border EC business

[Manufacturing department] Build trust relationships with suppliers
Purchasing management: management of hundreds of domestic and overseas suppliers (including overseas business trips)
・Production management: Management of production progress without delay, release of progress information on the website
・Quality control: Clarification of quality standards and response to quality problems

[Development department] Creating new value (making connections)

・RD: Planning and development of original products, design support for customer projects, etc.
・PR: PR/publicity (leaflet creation, event exhibition, etc.)

[General affairs department] Continuously improve the quality of the company
・In-house: Improvement of employee satisfaction, accounting and finance, promotion of ISO9001,14001,27001, etc.
・Outside: Build trust with stakeholders


Adopted by Tokyo Sales Office (Nippon Tsutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo)
Recruitment in Osaka is Osaka Sales Office (Nanwa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
Saitama is adopted by Misato Factory (Taniguchi, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture)
Chinese seagull adopted (Yicho City, Zhejiang Province)


Graduates: 230,000 yen/month (annual salary: 327.75 million yen, see wage form in working conditions)
University graduate: JPY 200,000/month (annual salary: JPY 285.00 million, refer to wage form in working conditions)
Graduates: Negotiable
Adopted in China from 5,000 yuan (however, it may change depending on the capacity)

Various benefits Only commuting allowance is paid (however, up to 2 yen per month)
Company information session

Recruiting new graduates: Starts every December (for third year college students)

Mid-career hiring: As needed (please feel free to contact the following if you are a graduate)
General Affairs Department Recruitment ← Click the blue letters on the left.

Application letters

Common: Resume (word processor acceptable) is mandatory,entry sheet(Word processor is possible)
New graduates: Graduation (expected) certificate (copy available), transcript (copy available)
Graduated/Middle: Curriculum vitae

Self-promotional materials: Past works, etc. (profile required for development department applicants, optional for other departments)
We ask that you submit a medical certificate (within 43 months) based on Article 3 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act at the time of the unofficial offer.
entry sheet ← Click the blue letters on the left.
Your resume can be on the market or your own.
We accept documents by mail, courier service, and pdf file email (submission of original paper during interview).

How to accept Please let us know by email that you would like to apply.
Please write "Request for employment entry" in the subject line.
General Affairs Department Recruitment ← Click the blue letters on the left.
Reception period

Recruitment of new graduates: Until the end of March (3th year university students)

Mid-career recruitment: Accepting at any time

Screening method

Company tour/Explanatory session * (Even if you can not participate due to circumstances, you can enter in the document selection)
Document selection (see application documents)
Primary interview* (Interview with department manager)
Written test* (general common sense test, aptitude test)

Secondary interview* (Interview with executives)

*When you come to our company, please be sure to come in plain clothes (no recruit suit).

Working conditions

Working hours

From 8:45 to 17:30 (11 hour between lunch time 30:13 and 30:1)
No discretionary labor system is applied.
At our company, we are focusing on work-life balance.
(The idea is to create a positive cycle of enriching my personal life, making use of it in my work, and thereby enriching my personal life.)

Overtime Depending on the type of work, it is within the range of 10 hours/month to 30 hours/month.
About 20 hours on average (about 1 to 1.5 hours per day)
In addition, application is required for overtime work after 18:30.
No overtime day: Every week (Wednesday) (Friday) all employees leave by 18:30 (the entire building is turned off at 18:30)
Holidays Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
Two days off per week (However, there are two Saturday workdays. Determined at the beginning of the year)
Summer vacation: 6-9 consecutive days, winter vacation: 6-9 consecutive days
Annual holidays: around 125 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Annual paid leave 10th day of the first year
Wage form

Annual salary system (Monthly salary for one year divided by 1 is paid monthly.)
The bonus will be 2.25 (=14.25-12 months) in summer and winter for 1.125 months.

Example) A person with an annual salary of 570 million yen will receive a monthly salary of 40 yen (=570÷14.25) and a bonus of 45 times twice.
However, the bonus portion may change depending on the grade.
The annual salary includes overtime premium wages for up to 30 hours per month.
Overtime hours less than 30 hours will not be reduced.
If overtime hours exceed 30 hours, overtime fee will be paid separately.

Work Tokyo Head Office, Tokyo Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office, Misato Factory
Please be assured that there are basically no forced transfers.
More Started paid leave acquisition promotion system from last year
Every autumn there is a company trip to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

Various systems and benefits

Social insurance system
Various subscriptions
Health insurance
Welfare pension insurance
employment insurance
Work injury insurance
Corporate defined contribution pension plan Yes (specified in work rules)
Retirement allowance system Yes (specified in work rules)
Training system Training according to job title and level (internal training, external training)
Medical checkup Yes (for all employees including full-time employees part)
Union None
Childcare leave/nursing care leave Yes (specified in employment rules), has a record of acquisition
Retirement age Yes (60 years old), rehiring (up to 65 years old)
Welfare service Benefit Station ← Click the blue letters on the left.
You can receive member privilege services not only in areas such as accommodations, leisure and sports, but also in food, shopping, childcare, health, and nursing care.
レ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ン


January New Year's party (in-house lunch/in-house drinking party)
February Valentine's Day (Petit gift (snacks/cake))
March New Party (Outside Drinking Party)
April Cherry blossom viewing (at each neighborhood park), welcome party for new employees (outside)
July Tanabata (making strips/snacks), heat dissipation (eel lunch)
August Launch before summer holidays (lunch)
Sep Employee trip (half with Otomokai)
October Halloween (lunch)
December Christmas party (lunch/cake), year-end party (outside drinking party), launch before winter holidays (lunch)

January New Year's holiday (New Year's greetings/winter during the year) In-house decoration such as kagami mochi
February Valentine's Day (candy distribution)
March In-house decoration Spring Ver.
June In-house decoration summer Ver.
July Tanabata (midnight)
September In-house decoration Autumn Ver.
October Halloween (candy distribution)
December In-house decoration winter Ver. (Christmas, year-end gift)
Employee dormitory Osaka Sales Office: 1 room (Nanwa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
Misato Factory: 2 rooms (Taniguchi, Misato City, Saitama → Headquarters, Tokyo Sales Office)

Youth Employment Information Sheet (Information about regular employees throughout the company)

XNUMX. Information on recruitment and recruitment
Of the last 3 fiscal years
Number of new hires
28: XNUMX people (XNUMX male, XNUMX female)
27: XNUMX people (XNUMX male, XNUMX female)
26: XNUMX person (XNUMX male, XNUMX female)
Of the last 3 fiscal years
Number of employees leaving new graduates
28: XNUMX (XNUMX male, XNUMX female)
27: XNUMX person (XNUMX male, XNUMX female)
26: XNUMX (XNUMX male, XNUMX female)
Average number of years of continuous service
10.5 years (average age 35.9 years)
XNUMX. Implementation status of efforts related to the development and improvement of vocational skills


New employee training, job-specific training (internal/external), stratified training (internal/external)
Self-development support
Cost assistance system for qualification acquisition, various discount systems by benefit station subscription
Mentor system
Support for junior employees by senior employees other than their direct supervisor
Career consulting system
In-house certification system
XNUMX. Implementation status of efforts to promote establishment in the workplace
Of the previous fiscal year
Monthly average overtime hours
20.0 hours
Of the previous fiscal year
Average number of days taken for paid leave
8.4 days
Of the previous fiscal year
Number of employees taking childcare leave/Number of births
No. of acquirers (XNUMX men, XNUMX women)
XNUMX people (XNUMX men, XNUMX women)
To executive and management positions
Percentage of women among some
Officers: XNUMX% Managers: XNUMX%

Matching information

Human resources required
A person who can always carry out without fear of failure.
We respect the individual you are. You are the driving force
Unlike large companies, our company is well-ventilated and has a quick turn.
Not top down from the president
We are proud of the organizational structure of bottom-up from the field.
Push up from the bottom and move the upper part ☆
Your words should change our luck.
  • 写真
    There are places in the workplace where people can exchange opinions beyond the boundaries of their positions.
  • 写真
    Would you like to plan a product like this?
Employees and corporate culture
It's an office, not a lounge seat, that keeps laughing.

"I want everyone to stop by the president, who sometimes makes "cold" jokes.
(I'm petting) In an ordinary workplace, in an impossible environment
Let? Jokes are flying around across departments.
But I did exactly what I wanted to do and quickly returned at 18pm.
There is also sharpness.

And there is a strong sense of companionship, who work together to create plans and things
The work environment is second to none.

Stability to worry about

What venture companies don't have is...

Extremely stable! I want you to work with peace of mind because it is an uneasy era.

The high capital adequacy ratio proves this.

Of Daio Seisakusho
What is charm
Only members with different values?

We unite our aspirations under the management philosophy of "making everyone happy."

Although it is a group, it is actually a group of members with different values.

In other words, we try to hire people with different values.

By accepting different values ​​widely, not by friends with similar values

We believe we can tackle a wider range of goals, issues and themes.

New products development
One word of the employee who is about 30 years old is a kick.
An interesting merchandise known as hide-and-seek, which everyone knows. A product that cannot be read and cannot be seen without some work with a transparent pen. The idea of ​​a male employee in his 20s!
We talked with everyone in the product planning department, etc., sharing ideas and commercializing within a few months.
In fact, it is a long-selling product, and it was published on TV, radio, and the other day in Nikkei PC magazine.
However, even if everyone spends time and finally releases a new product, it will be copied (pirated version) to another company immediately (smile).
But that's great! Daio Seisakusho will take the lead and open up “Japanese cuteness” and continue to release new products. Even if it is imitated, there is only Jar! !! (flame)
Tears story
[Tears] Participants ○ ○ (Department of General Affairs Department, joining the company for the first year)
Even if it looks like this, I have experienced sales for several years.Sales were also present in product development, and he made a lot of remarks, and there was no barrier between departments (laughs).
The reward is the following one word.
Make things that don't exist in the world yet! 
Moreover, when I saw it on the market with my own eyes, I was moved...
I can't put it into words! !!
  • The president
    It is the smile of the president. Is it nice? !!
  • General affairs
    I always talk with my heart.
Education Training
Sometimes you have to work hard in times of recession
In general, when the economy is in recession and sales fall, it is natural that the cost reduction should be avoided first, and the education and training cost should be reduced.
We will spend more money and time on employee training in preparation for the next upsurge in times of recession.
We believe that improving the quality of employees and increasing their satisfaction will lead to satisfaction of our customers.
One last word
You can leave it as normal. If you are yourself

Who could have predicted that mobile straps would be so popular 15 years ago?
Yes, we need a fresh idea for young people, one step ahead of the times.
There should be a hint for the next product in "Your Sensitivity".
And it is the privilege of our employees to make many mistakes.
Our company has abundant funds unlike venture companies. It is okay to make a mistake due to new product development.
Do not be afraid to exercise your ability freely!

A hidden well-known store, a place like a hidden "excellent company"? is.
Fear is not spectacular, but the niche industry's strength is dizzy.
After all, "Do not spare money for new projects!"
The attitude that "you need young people with flexible heads"
"If the boss's movement is not good enough, it is okay to directly upload to the president"
The openness.
Collaborative play that can be done because the employees are like a family and cohesive.
This is clearly reflected in the achievements and stability of its 50 years history.

Training scene

Mid-level employee training
Exercise 1
  • Mid-level employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
Mid-level employee training
Exercise 2
  • Mid-level employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
Training for executives
Exercise 1
  • Management training training
  • Management training training
  • Management training training
  • Management training training
Training for executives
Exercise 2
  • Management training training
  • Management training training
  • Management training training
  • Management training training

Company trip

To Sapporo & Otaru
  • Employee trip 2017-1
  • Employee trip 2017-2
Employee trip in Taiwan
  • Employee trip 2016-1
  • Employee trip 2016-2
Shinkansen opening! To Kanazawa
  • Employee trip 2015-1
  • Employee trip 2015-2
Ise Jingu
  • Employee trip 2014-1
  • Employee trip 2014-2
Shimizu Kuniaki Forest and Lake Paradise
  • Employee trip 2013-1
  • Employee trip 2013-2
Yes, let's go to Kyoto
  • Employee trip 2012-1
  • Employee trip 2012-2
Cheer up Tohoku
  • Employee trip 2011-1
  • Employee trip 2011-2
  • Okinawa main island
  • Okinawa main island
Okinawa main island
  • Okinawa main island
  • Okinawa main island
Hakone hot spring
  • Employee trip Hakone
  • Employee trip Hakone
China/Hong Kong
  • China inspection trip
  • China inspection trip

Overseas business trip

Factory meeting
  • Factory meeting
  • Factory meeting
  • Taxi
  • Taxi
Alley landscape
  • Alley landscape
  • Alley landscape

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