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This page contains frequently asked questions answered by our support department, answers to them, and helpful tips.

Is it possible to reprint images?
Reprinting without permission is prohibited. The designs and product photographs that we use on our website etc. are basically the ones we make. The product images on the site are copyrighted, so it is necessary to confirm with us before using them.
Do you sell retail?
Unfortunately, it is not a retail store because it is a manufacturing and wholesale system.
However, for some products, weonline shopIt is sold at.
We also sell products in small lots, even if they are not sold online, if both conditions are met.
Example) A small group, but want to make only 100 original mobile phone straps
Example) You want to use 100 bells for a self-manufactured product at a social welfare corporation.
Is it possible to transfer between factories in China?
our company'sChinese local corporationIt is possible to exchange products and settle payments directly with your Chinese factory.
Do you have a product catalog?
Key chains Parts catalog "Tsunag ver.2"Catalog of new and OEM products "Product Guide Preview 14"There is. You can also browse and print out from the website. Brochures for each product can be viewed and printed out from the "View Catalog" button on the product page.
The parts catalogs Vol.1 and Vol.2, which have already been discontinued, are also available on the website. Although it is not distributed on paper, it can be printed out in full size for each page.
What is the minimum lot?
Although it depends on the product, it is usually 1000 or 500 when it is cheap.
We also sell 50 or 100 pieces of rhinestone products, which are expensive per piece.
Is it imported or domestically produced?
We switch between import and domestic production depending on the balance of quality, delivery time and price. For example, if the lot is large and the price is tough, we will consider import production, and if the lot is small and the delivery date and quality are important, we will support domestic production.
What are the main trading conditions?
In principle, cash transactions (cash on delivery by courier or shipping after confirmation of payment by transfer).
Customers who wish to sell their products will be individually screened after a separate examination.
For more information,Payment terms of order information for tips.
What is the price of the listed products?
Currently there is no list of prices. Sorry to trouble you,Customer contactIf you have more inquiries, our sales staff will contact you.
What materials are you handling?
Metals such as iron, brass, aluminum, cast metal, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, synthetic resin (PVC, polystone, plastic), tape for mobile straps (synthetic fiber, synthetic leather, genuine leather), etc. there is.
Is it possible to issue a certificate of non-use of harmful substances?
Currently, there are a wide variety of prohibited substances, and it is almost impossible to analyze and prove all substances, but in order to respond to customers' requests as much as possible, we are narrowing down the target and providing information as appropriate. I will.
In addition, since we have a fluorescent X-ray analyzer inside our company, it is possible to perform a simple content inspection on the same day for heavy metals such as lead, which is a RoHS regulated substance.
What kind of processing can you do?
In terms of processing, plating, pressing, casting (rubber casting/die casting) processing, coloring and EPO processing, various printing processing, etc. In addition, regarding internal jobs, we can handle everything from collecting round cans to mounts and putting in PP bags.
What is the file format for supplying the artwork and drawings with data?
■ Logo data, illustration data: Ai fail (or PDF file created with Adobe illustrator). For other data, please use vector images.
■Photo image, Image captured by scanner: JPEG, BMP, PDF, PSD *Since the data pasted on EXCEL and Word cannot be post-processed or fine-tuned, please use the original image data before pasting as much as possible.

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