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Design support system

Our development staff will support the design, artwork, and drawing production for your issues and worries.
・I have an idea for a product, but there is no person to design it.
・The image of the design has been decided, but drawings and prototypes for production arrangements cannot be prepared.
・I want to place an order for merchandise, including the mount and printing of the packaging, but I cannot get the block copy data from the previous customer.
・I don't have a planning department in-house, but I would like to positively consider commercialization if I receive a product proposal that includes design.

When we receive an order for the production of goods, we will produce the design and artwork as a pre-production process.
It is advantageous in terms of cost and delivery time compared to requesting an external design company only for the design.

Production of three views

For example, to make a three-dimensional mascot, you need not only a view from one direction but also information on at least three directions (front, side, back, etc.).
However, characters used only in publications and websites often have only one-way or two-way images.
In such a case, we will assume and supplement the parts that we cannot see, and create 360-degree stereoscopic information of the character on behalf of the customer. Of course, we will ask the customer to confirm the created data, and we will manufacture the item after the school.

Block copy data

We will produce the block copy data necessary for printing arrangements on your behalf. For example, we will create a artwork by looking at the "company name logo or brand logo printed on the pamphlet" and the "characters (2D) appearing on the website".
If the same font as the customer does not exist in our CPU environment, we will replace it with the font we have or provide the font data from the customer.

If you want to receive the block copy data from the customer, please submit it in the following file format.
■ Logo data, illustration data: Ai file (or PDF file created with Adobe illustrator). For other data, please use vector images.
■Photo image, image captured by scanner: JPEG, BMP, PDF, PNG, PSD *Since the data pasted on EXCEL and Word cannot be post-processed or fine-tuned, please provide the original image data before pasting as much as possible. ..

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