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Purchase flow

Thank you for your interest in our products.
When starting a new transaction, the basic policies are listed below.
Please refer.

Flow of parts and original goods production

Shape / color

条件 売 条件

For sale

Basically, we sell lots to corporate companies, but we also wholesale to customers who do not have legal personality, so please feel free to contact us.
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Example) A non-profit organization such as a volunteer group or a local group, but wants to make only 200 souvenirs.
Example) A social welfare corporation wants to use self-manufactured product parts, etc.

Sales lot

Since our company is based on manufacturing and wholesale, we basically sell lots as shown below, but we can also sell products with relatively high unit prices in units of 100, so please feel free to contact us.
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Approximate minimum lot      
: Usually 500 or 1000 for your specified processed products
Minimum package unit for stock items 
: 500 to 1000 (box/bag)

Sales price

Unfortunately, we do not have a price list because of price fluctuations.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please feel free to contact us each time.
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Payment terms

Commodity price

First transaction:

As a general rule, we only accept cash transactions.

◎ Ship to our designated account after confirming payment, or cash on delivery by Takkyubin.
(Cash on delivery fee will be charged separately.)

<Bank and account number>
・ Mizuho Bank (Oku Branch)For the time being 0102413
・ Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Ueno Branch)For the time being 0341648
・ Resona Bank (Asakusa Branch)For the time being 0117367
・ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Asakusa Branch)For the time being 0230407
・ PayPay Bank (Head Office Sales Department)Ordinary 2088906
・ Rakuten Bank (Salsa Branch)Ordinary 7029101
・ Sumishin SBI Net Bank (Corporate First Branch)Ordinary 1114413
・ Japan Post Bank (XNUMX branch office)Ordinary 1405771

our company'sonline shopNow, in addition to the above transfer, etc., we also accept convenience store payments and card payments.
We are available.

Credit conditions:

Customers in the following areas can also switch to credit sales through a trust survey.
◎ Customers in Tokyo's 23 wards / Osaka city / Nagoya city and within business trips
◎ In areas other than the above, we will respond individually according to our regulatory examination.

Commodity price

Fare fee:
Remittance fee:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the customer is responsible for the transfer fee.

Contact us.