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Key holders and accessory metal fittings
Large lot sales and manufacturingLeave it to us!

Do you have such problems?

  • I don't know the wholesale store or processing destination for metal fittings attached to products...
  • I want you to tell me which key holder is easy to use...!
  • I want to sell using a star hook!Is it possible to manufacture from a mold?
  • I'd like to try it once, but can I buy even a small amount?
  • Is it possible to order online without trouble even in a large lot?

Unique to a long-established metal parts manufacturer and dealer
We can respond to various requests with the number of products and manufacturing system!

Daio Works
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Parts variation

Long-established stores of metal parts line up
RichParts variation
Daio Seisakusho was founded in 1959 as a wholesaler of metal parts, mainly dealing with chains.Gradually expanding the scale, we handle a wide range of parts such as straps and clips as well as metal parts.

parts stock

parts stockOver XNUMX species
Free combination
At Daio Seisakusho, we make use of our extensive inventory of parts to offer a wide range of proposals, from combinations of parts to color development.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

B2B shop

24-hour inventory and unit price confirmation available
Full membership systemB2B shop
We operate a complete membership-based online shop that allows you to check inventory and wholesale prices and accept orders 24 hours a day for corporate and sole proprietors.By registering as a member, we will sell online at wholesale prices.

how to order

XNUMX sites for different purposes

XNUMX sites for different purposes

Inquiries (Corporate site)
Inquiries (Corporate site)

First of all, ask questions about the products you are interested in.
Please feel free to contact us for sample request etc.

  • by phone
    East Japan: 03-3876-1345
    Western Japan: 06-6643-7801
  • From HP  
  • on mail
  • Online business negotiations and showroom tours are also possible.
    You can make a reservation from HP. https://reserva.be/daiomfg/

B2B customer dedicated site for corporations and sole proprietors
Special customer site for corporations and sole proprietors

A complete membership-only wholesale online shop for corporate and sole proprietors.Daio Seisakusho's products, which have abundant inventory, including key chain parts and UV printing products, can be used for 24-hour inventory confirmation, quotation creation, and order acceptance.
This site is a dedicated sales site for merchants who have completed registration screening.Member store registration (free) is required to use it.

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  • on mail


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Daio Seisakusho online shop for small quantity purchases from 1 piece
Daio Seisakusho online shop for small quantity purchases from 1 piece

We have a wide range of various parts such as hampachi, capsules, key chains, hooks, printed products, and finished products, and sell from small lots of one unit.It can be used by anyone, business or individual. Please use our shop for small orders of 1 to 1 or for test purchases.

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  • on mail


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Inquiries by phone

Contact us by email info@daiomfg.co.jp