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Approach to ISO27001

Daio Seisakusho has acquired ISO27001:2013 certification in order to establish a management system for information security.
ISO27001:2013, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS), establishes and operates an organizational framework from the perspective of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in order to continuously improve information security. It is an international standard.
The purpose of this is how to protect the company's information assets (including information entrusted to us by customers), how to build a system that can effectively utilize information, and how to continuously improve it.

Organization name Daio Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
First time
Certification date
June 2015, 4
Certification renewal date
June 2024, 02
(Validity period: 1 year and 8 months: October 2025, 10)
Compliant standard ISO27001:2013
Registration number C2021-00372
Scope of application Key chains, accessory accessories, toys, manufacturing management and sales of these parts
Target establishment 4 domestic offices
  • Main office
  • Tokyo Office
  • Osaka Sales Office
  • Misato Factory
Examination and registration agency Perry Johnson Registrar

Daio Seisakusho thinks ISMS: How to protect confidential information from customers

Daio Seisakusho outsources all production processes, so the management of suppliers is a lifeline.
Highly confidential information received from customers prior to product release and character goods design copy, etc., will flow from our company not only to domestic suppliers, but also to overseas suppliers, which are considered difficult to manage. will beIn order to prevent this confidential information from leaking out through suppliers, we conclude a non-disclosure agreement (English: Non-disclosure agreement, abbreviation: NDA) in advance, and conduct thorough management such as auditing as necessary. .

We also strive to ensure the security of information tools such as employee PC terminals and mobile devices.

ISMS: Information security management system makes work easier

With the introduction of the information security management system, a manual was created in a single word, and only the work of the employees increased enormously, and the work efficiency fell and the work did not turn around.So I tried to create a simple mechanism to shave off excess fat as much as possible.

As a result, the level of awareness among employees for ensuring information security has increased, and their personal belongings have become more tidy than ever before, making work much easier and error-free.

Don't get certified

ISMS: The purpose of the information security management system is not to obtain certification.What is important is to promote continuous improvement after obtaining certification.

The rapidly developing IT society.In accordance with the external environment and internal systems that change daily, eliminate unnecessary parts and incorporate new necessary parts when they arise.

We will continue to strive to maintain and improve our ISMS: Information Security Management System.


Declared SECURITY ACTION (two stars).

Daio Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has declared SECURITY ACTION (two stars) in "SECURITY ACTION" conducted by Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA).

SECURITY ACTION is a system that self-declares that SMEs themselves will work on information security measures.

We have established the "Information Security Basic Policy" after understanding our own information security measures.
It is open to the outside.This declares "SECURITY ACTION" (two stars).

To provide the safest and most secure products and services for our customers
We will continue to strive to further improve security.

Declared SECURITY ACTION (two stars).

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