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made in Japan

"Made in Japan" power

We make full use of Japan's monozukuri power to support the production of domestically produced products.
"Made in Japan" brands such as inbound products
It will be an effective weapon for marketing.
In addition, as the world becomes more dependent on Chinese production, the suspension of production during the Chinese New Year (about one month) is
It is a big loss of opportunity.
At our company, we have a hybrid production system of XNUMX% overseas production and XNUMX% domestic production.
Optimal production area from the viewpoint of quality, delivery date, price, safety and security, even during the Chinese New Year period
Continuous production of original goods is possible.

Material (thing)

The material that forms the basis of things is the most important factor.
At our company, wire rods, rods, plates, etc. made of materials such as iron, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel
We will start by making domestic arrangements for zinc alloys for die casting and lead-free rubber cast alloys.

Technology (people)

It is people who drive the machines that process materials. We will face the given challenges with our own ingenuity and unique techniques.
When I am satisfied with the product, I am even impressed by the "Japanese technological capabilities (people)".

Cost (money)

Made in Japan VS Made in China
Is it inferior to Made in China in terms of price? Isn't it expensive? Do not you think?
There are many things such as zinc die casting and gold plating that are cheaper to manufacture than China.

Management system (information)

Due to integrated production in Japan, we can respond to a wide variety of products in small quantities with a short delivery time.
We have also achieved a more thorough management system by promoting the three pillars of ISO (quality, environment, and information).

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