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  • Parts sales

    Parts sales
    Over 1 types of parts in stock, and can handle secondary processing such as internal jobs. Main parts are straps, key chains and accessories.
  • Original goods production

    Original goods production
    We specialize in products for name insertion and completely original molded products for our customers, and we can handle a wide range of items such as mobile accessories, gifts, character goods, ecology miscellaneous goods, electronic equipment goods.
  • Experience gift・Local revitalization collaboration

    Experience gift (local revitalization collaboration workshop)
    By adding the added value of "experience" to things, you can differentiate from other companies' products. At Daio Seisakusho, we are creating experiential value as to what kind of things you can experience using those things.
  • Jewelry sale

    Jewelry sale
    Corner for accessory products such as gold, silver and platinum. Necklace chain for pendant-single item-Processing of various accessory products-Wholesale and individual sales.
  • Exhibition

    Event and exhibition information


Featured Products

  • Compact mirror (with drop) ◆

    A compact mirror with a rim that makes it easy to attach printed plates and dome stickers, and decorate with rhinestones, etc.

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  • Multi-frame ◆

    Just transform the printed acrylic plate into a stylish frame! We will make an original picture frame up to the inclusion and name on the frame.

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  • Charm hook

    A cute deformed hook with flowers, stars and hearts.

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  • Frame frame (mini multi-frame) ◆

    Transform into a fashionable frame just by sandwiching the printed acrylic plate!A mini-sized multi-frame that can be carried as a key chain in a capsule toy.

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