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Acrylic stand pocket◆

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Acrylic stand pocket◆
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Comes with double-sided tape, so just peel off the release paper and stick it on the acrylic.
You can decorate it with cards, L-sized bromide photos, coasters, and other goods.
There is a 2mm gap in the pocket part, and up to 1mm (recommended)
Acrylic cards and thick paper coasters can also be included.
Simpler, lower cost, and lighter than 3-layer acrylic case
This is a Daio original shape product that can be manufactured.

Once bonded, it is difficult to peel off, so please do not use the adhesive surface of acrylic or
Wipe the inside of the pocket thoroughly before gluing.
There is a protective sheet on the surface to prevent scratches, so please peel it off.
Please use it.
*It becomes clear when peeled off.

Product code6402
body sizeCard size...Outer dimensions 74 x 98 x 3 mm,
Inner size 68×95×2mm
Bromide size...External dimensions 138 x 95 x 3 mm,
Inner size 131×92×2mm
Coaster size...outer dimensions 99 x 95 x 3 mm,
Inner size 93×92×2mm
MaterialBoard part...acrylic, double-sided tape...PVC
Body colorDeselect
Insert nameFull color printing possible on acrylic stand
- This product uses double-sided tape, so please do not use or store it in hot and humid places such as in the summer, in direct sunlight, or near fire.
The double-sided tape may become soft, making it easier to peel off or stick to the insert.
・If you leave the enclosed items in for a long time, they may stick to the double-sided tape, so we recommend removing them when not in use.
- By drilling a hole in the acrylic body, it can be used as a pass case or key chain, but as this product is not designed to prevent loss or protect against scratches and dirt, we cannot compensate for loss or damage to the enclosed items.
・Depending on the lot, the pocket protection sheet may be a matte type or clear type, but there is no difference in the transparency of the pocket.
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acrylic stand pocket

Double-sided tape is already attached to the edge of the pocket, so just attach it to the back of the acrylic stand!
Cards up to 1mm thick can be stored in the pocket gap.


Product line-up

Product line-up
01 card size
[Enclosed examples] PET cards (Daio products), instax cards, trading cards, acrylic cards
*We do not handle instax cards and trading cards, so please provide them.

Product line-up
02 Bromide size
[Enclosed example] Bromide (general L size photo)
*We do not handle bromides, so please provide them.

Product line-up
03 coaster size
[Enclosed example] Circular coaster (up to φ90mm), square coaster (up to 90 x 90mm)
*We do not carry coasters, so please provide them.



[About the surface protective sheet]
There is a protective sheet on the surface to prevent scratches, so please remove it before use.
*When peeled off, it becomes clear as shown in the image.

In addition, there may be differences in the color of the protective sheet depending on the lot.
There is no difference in the transparency of the pocket.

Example of finished product



When you want to put a name or make an original design

Original design

Minimum lot: 100 pieces
Reference delivery time: Sample approximately 10 days, mass production approximately 2-3 weeks



The finished product can also be placed in a mount or OPP bag.
We can also handle assembly of PET cards and acrylic cards.


Print range/template

Print range
↓ Please download the template from here

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We also sell parts.

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