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    Zodiac Mamori (inbound support) ◆

    We will produce a die-cast zodiac amulet in an original shape.The zodiac amulets are packaged in foreign languages ​​(Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean) that are easy for foreign tourists to understand.made in Japan.Gold-plated finish popular with Chinese people.

  • Original goods

    Daruma doll

    A new mascot "Medaru Daruma" is released. The eyes, the buds, and the happy dolls send a prayer to the examinees to pass the exam.

  • Original goods

    Original polyresin mascot (Mamemori)

    We manufacture original polyresin mascots.A bean amulet that resembles a family like a bean. It is a health charm with the wish that "everyone in the family can live diligently (meaning good health)."Mini size to fit in your wallet.

  • Original goods

    Original design bell ◆

    We manufacture cute bells of various shapes such as zodiac animals, flowers and hearts from the mold.

  • Original goods

    Original poly mascot key chain ◆

    Produced a solid poly mascot of the character. A popular product is the Furifuri Mascot, which shakes your body.

  • Original goods

    Polyresin mascot (polystone) ◆

    Would you like to make your own original XNUMXD mascot? Polyresin is recommended for small lots, high-mix, low-cost production.

6 ofThere are products.

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