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Original poly mascot key chain ◆

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Original poly mascot key chain ◆
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We will manufacture poly mascot key chains that can make original designs in three dimensions.
Polyresin is a hard material made of durable synthetic resin, so not only key chains but also weighted objects can be made.
It is a standard item such as local and sports characters and souvenirs.

We also have a popular product called "Furifuri Mascot," which shakes your body.

*It is a material that can be used for various designs, but due to its hardness, small parts such as protrusions may break. We will change to a moldable design in advance where there is a risk of damage. The changed image will be confirmed by the customer and the product will be manufactured after the school is completed.
* Netsuke is an option and can be selected from our parts stock according to your preference.
*The original mount can be produced. Please contact us as well.

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Individual Customers
Individual Customers

As a souvenir for alumni association distribution
School monument figures

Kojima Gumi Co., Ltd.
Kojima Gumi Co., Ltd.

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